Monday, August 15, 2011

The "Other" Conflict that could Explode Any Time. . .

I must admit I had forgotten about Kashmir. But it is a keg of dynamite waiting to explode yet again. And you thought the Middle East was the only show in town. The Kashmir battle is between India and Pakistan, with a little bit of a Chinese flavor thrown in for good measure (certainly not taste).

Once again the common denominator seems to be religion, only this time it's between Muslims and Hindus for the most part. Oh, wait, aren't Muslims involved in the other big conflict? I thought so. Not a good resume for a so-called peaceful religion. But hey I'm only an observer calling them as I see them

Could this struggle here overshadow the Middle East one any time soon?  While this one may be re-ignited any time, it is not likely to overshadow the one in the Middle East because of who the players are.  The West is likely to be less involved or even concerned about this one (the British gave the area up long ago; and there's no oil there that I know about).  They're more interested in the oil in the Middle East and how their own Jewish voters back home (especially in the United States) will vote and react.   Still, the struggle over Kashmir is critical because of its potential for hosting and training and spreading terrorism.

After you look at the introductory overview by Al Jazeera writer below, take a stab at what Wikipedia (not to be confused with Wikileaks) has to say on this whole thing, you'll find it fascinating and it's right here: Kashmir conflict from Wikipedia.

Now here's the Al Jazeera article:

Kashmir in the collective imagination - Kashmir: The forgotten conflict - Al Jazeera English

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