Saturday, January 20, 2018

Stay a While in the Courtyard Before Moving into the King’s Palace

Exodus 38:9-20:
This a description of the court with its pillars and linen fence according to the command and description of the specifications given by God to Moses earlier in Exodus 27:9-19.
Thoughts on the Passage
Robert Jamieson informs us in his commentary that the hooks of the pillars in the court were for hanging up the carcasses of the sacrificial beasts. Those on the pillars at the entry of the Tabernacle were for hanging the priesthood robes and other things used in the services conducted in the Tabernacle.

Matthew Henry says the walls of the court (like rest curtains or hangings) represented the state of the Old-Testament church. He implies given that they were made of curtains, this intimated that “the confinement of the church in one particular nation was not to be perpetual”.

He goes on, “The dispensation itself  [i.e. the priesthood system] was a tabernacle-dispensation, movable and mutable, and in due time to be taken down and folded up, when the place of the tent should be enlarged and its cords lengthened, to make room for the Gentile world, as is foretold, [in] Isaiah 54:2,3. The church here on earth is but the court of God's house, and happy they that tread these courts and flourish in them; but through these courts, we are passing to the holy place above. Blessed are those that dwell in that house of God: they will be still praising Him. The enclosing of a court before the tabernacle teaches us a gradual approach to God. The priests that ministered must pass through the holy court, before they entered the holy house. Thus, before solemn ordinances there ought to be the separated and enclosed court of a solemn preparation, in which we must wash our hands, and so draw near with a true heart.”

How big is our vision for the Lord’s Body (the Church)? Does it include others beyond our own race, our nationality, our color?

Have we stopped long enough in the “court-yard” of the Creator’s palace to prepare ourselves properly before we expect to sit down and have communion with Him?

These are the thoughts that come to my mind today as I study this passage with you. Take time to consider what God brings to your mind.

And please feel free to share with us as an encouragement to others.

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