Sunday, December 18, 2011

Schools & Homosexual Education Plus -- The Actual Curriculum You Need to Know About

I have given you a link to the Toronto District School Board's "Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexism: A K-12 Curriculum Resource Guide, 2011".  It is 223 pages long so I don't expect you to read it.  But let me share with you just a few things you'll find there.  And remember, yes, this is about Toronto -- but most school boards in North America are already there or following suit.  Unless, you can do something about it.   Here are "some" of the highlights only:

1.  For starters, look at the name of the report -- it makes no bones about "fighting (they say challenging) heterosexism".   That's funny, why would they want to challenge something that God ordained?  But they do.  That's enough to tell you the report is faulty from a foundational point of view.  It clearly has a GLBT agenda.

2.  And wait, it is not just about GLBT -- that would be four categories or sexes.  No, the report introduces your kids and my grandkids to six genders.  Just go to page two of the actual report PDF (page numbers are at the bottom right of each PDF page) and you'll see them all: lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans-gendered, two-spirited, and queer (LGBTQ) students.  Further down that page they admit their purpose and say it is to render equity to all gender identities and all sexual orientations -- equity mind you.

3. And remember the guide is for education aimed at levels from kindergarten (5 year olds plus) to grade 12 (17 year olds).   Furthermore, still on the same page, it points out that the guide is an "essential tool" to help teachers achieve their teaching "responsibility" to this philosophy that the Ontario government and the Toronto School Board seem to have.

4. Take a look at page 3 and read what they say "Anti-homophobia education is not".  They say it won't 'corrupt' children.  They say it won't 'encourage' children to become one of the six genders.  Heck I'm 64 and I didn't know there were six genders until I read this.  Telling kids they now have six genders to actually choose from is absolutely both corrupting them and encouraging them.

5.  On page 5, they call the whole curriculum "Ethical and Inclusive Pedagogy".  Really, these folks don't have a clue about "absolute ethics" -- absolute ethics come from God alone.  This curriculum is anything but ethical.   It's not even truly inclusive because it certainly alienates a great percentage of parents and students.

6. On page 9 they make it clear that a teacher can't refrain from teaching this curriculum because of fear of parental negative reaction.  But of course, we have teachers and principals all over the place province making concessions like cancelling "Christmas Concerts" or letting kids sing "Merry Christmas" because one or two or nine parents will object and react negatively.  So, so much for this bunk as an argument.

7.  Further down in the same section the report indicates schools and teachers are not to send notes home with students as a 'heads up' of what is going to be covered and that children cannot be excused from these classes on the basis of 'religion' (see p. 10 of report).  They have found a way to ensure that by saying it would violate the Ontario Human Rights Act.  Really???   And neither can teachers object to teaching it based on their 'religious beliefs'.

8. The next fifteen pages are dedicated to information about the GBLT -- their flag, famous gays and lesbians, etc., celebration days, history, archives, and much more.

9.  Then there's a section on how to promote this teaching in the classroom and in the halls, etc. and how to prepare the class (up to page 31).

10. On page 34 teachers are expected to tell children in Junior Kindergarten "what makes up a family" and introduce them to other types of families much different then the ones the majority of them know and experience.  And then tell them all are good alternatives.  Give me a break.  Please.  And it's downhill from there.  On page 37 at the bottom teachers are told to have children role play the opposite sex.

11. On page 53 and following, children from kindergarten and up are introduced to the Pride Week events.  Really?  Yes, really.  On page 56, kids are assigned in groups and asked to role play different same-sex families among other arrangements.  And so far this is primarily for up to grade 3.

12.  Let's now move to Grades 4 to 6 (Junior Level).  Well, no, second thought.  Let's not.  I'm getting sick.  But you can find it all from page 54 to 89  Just to give you a taste, on page 73, teachers are instructed to provide these young students with "a basic knowledge of gay and lesbian vocabulary". On page 81 we read these words: "This activity is meant as a culminating activity in teaching students about gay/lesbian and bisexual issues and homophobia."  Of course, they claim they can do all this without teaching kids about GBLT sex.   Gee, they're good.  I guess they just won't answer the hot questions kids will have.

13. Pages 90 to 154 tell teachers what to tell the Intermediate level (grade 7) and up to the senior level (grade 12) -- typically 12 year olds and up.  The first activity in this section "is designed for students to explore their diverse social identities."  How nice,  they're going to help our children figure out if they're GLBT or one of the other two sexes.  And gee I thought the doctor told us that when they were born.

14.  On page 100, another activity "provides multiple opportunities for a facilitated discussion on whether being LGBTQ is a choice and how the choice to “come out” can help or hurt you in different situations."  Guess what they determine?  Your kids now have some choices in this regard.

15. Page 107 says the teacher will talk to your kids and discuss the following questions and issues:
"What are the situations where it is most difficult to be gay or lesbian?"
'You can’t choose to be gay or straight but you can choose to ‘come out’. Why do you think some people ‘come out’ when they are 14 and others ‘come out’ when they are 40?"  Oh joy.  They may as well ask "and when are you going to come out?"

16.  There are numerous questions that are supposedly intended to help teachers/students get the "temperature" of your kids' school with respect to homophobia.  Here's one of them from p. 130: "When a social event or activity is being planned (e.g. a school dance, the sending of candy grams or flowers on Valentine’s Day), does the organizing committee and school in general consider how this event/activity can be made safe for LGBTQ students?"  And many many more promoting GBLT, etc. lifestyles including this one: "Would two male students or two female students be able to walk hand in hand in your school safely and comfortably?" (page 133)  Man, I'm not sure a boy and a girl should do that in the school, let alone two boys -- this is a place I send my grandchildren to learn, not to 'work on their sexual-social relationships'.

17.  On page 140, teachers are advised to "Have fun! Gender identity and sexual diversity are open to a lot of respectful play."  Yeah really.  Says who?

17. Have you heard enough.  You'll need to find out all the activities that they recommend on your own.  It's tragic.  Pages 155 to 165 give you lists and lists of available organizations willing to help you fight homophobia and promote the six alternative genders.   Can't believe we have so many of them, many of which are supported by your tax dollars at various levels.  Pages 166 to 206 give us literally hundreds, maybe more, books, DVD's, Videos, etc. -- all resources to help us beat homophobia and promote GLBT, etc.   Oh, these people are so helpful.   Pages 207 to 211 give you a wonderful GBLT dictionary of terms.  Yes, you'll get very educated here.

18. On page 212 you can read about what teachers are being told about your rights as a parent when it comes to all this. You don't have any, they say.

Unbelievable.  But I thought you needed to know this.  This is the environment you're sending your children to next time you send them to school now and in 2012 and beyond.  Know the facts.  Know the chances.  Know what's right and what's wrong for your child.

Here's your source for the document:  Click on the link below, scroll down half way until you see a multi-colored cover page (matches the colors of the rainbow flag just by coincidence) and there you can, on the right, click to download the document.  Well worth your investigation.  Here's the link:

May I respectfully suggest you get some parents together and talk about this.  May I suggest that you share it with others in your church, synagogue, temple, or mosque.  May I suggest you pray hard each day about how this teaching will impact your child or grand-child.  May I suggest you think about how you vote when it comes to the school board and the provincial government next time around.  And while you're at it -- how about writing to your school trustee.  In Toronto, you can find their contacts by ward number and a direct email link at: .

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  1. One of this blog's readers responded as follows when I suggested they may want to pass this on to their senior pastor -- (some words have been changed to protect the identity of all involved):

    "Our Senior Minister would not be supporting this, as his sister is a lesbian and . . . he wasn't able to marry her to her partner. Although, he could marry his brother to his new yet another wife. Pray for our church as we are spiritually battling emergent church teachings from the pulpit.
    Thank you for passing it on….What about the muslim's teachings that the schools have been asked to include to celebrate - they can talk about Ramadan we can't talk about Christmas."

  2. Ken,
    Thank you for posting this information. I am saddened to see what is happening in our school system. And the longer I think about it the more my blood boils. Our children are the pawns of the "State" and we're letting it happen.

    But what a sense of helplessness! And that is what they are counting on.

    You are right. Parents need to become more aware and leaders raised up to lead. Thank you for posting the link for school trustee contact as well.

    I hope and pray that the outcry will come and our voice will be heard. This is spiritual warfare.

  3. Marianne and others: The matter is getting worse by the day -- not only here but around the western world. Keep praying and keep doing what you can as God gives us the opportunity. Ken.

  4. Thank you for bringing this to people's attention. It occurred to me a long time ago that, not only are we being asked to accept the sin of homosexuality as "normal", we are asked to promote it and celebrate it. And now they want us to do that right from kindergarten on up. They want to condition children's minds early on to their lies.

    A friend of mine is editing a book by an ex-gay who outlines in great detail the decadence and destructiveness of the homosexual way of life. He says that 50 per cent of gays eventually leave the lifestyle. But oh -- the damage that is done to them before they do so! The idea that the implementation of the gay agenda will lead kids into that world both saddens and angers me.

    One of the biggest lies of homosexuality is the belief that people are born that way. They aren't. Anybody who thinks so should visit Exodus International to read the stories of those who have been delivered from it. Too often I see gays insist that calling homosexuality a sin is akin to racial discrimination. It isn't. It is not and never was a sin to have black skin or be part of any specific ethnic group. God has always called homosexuality a sin and his idea of sin has never changed.

    I get accused of hatred when I speak out against homosexuality. In reality, I speak out in love because I do not want to see a single homosexual lost. I want them to experience deliverance and freedom in Christ. I want them to spend eternity in heaven with him.

  5. Thank you MaryLou for that additional insight and thoughts. We need to keep speaking of our love and showing it without condoning what the lifestyle is all about. Ken.