Sunday, February 02, 2020

Even Birds Can Get Distracted in Iceland

Puffins Off the Beaten Path: The Puffin Explorers Series Book II

Author and Photographer: Ra Anderson
Publisher: My Favorite Books Publishing Company, Kingston, GA, 2019

In book one of the series, our two young puffling friends (Arni and Birta) were just about to set out to sea when they stopped to help two baby lambs. That meant they were lost from Arni’s parents who desperately wanted to find them and make sure they began their life-changing voyage before it was too late.
In their exhausting flight across Iceland in search of the young puffins, Arni’s parents themselves stop to explore the things they see and the people and animals they encounter, not to mention, taking time to help others who (namely, lambs) are lost.
But the journey of these two adult puffins gives the author a chance to share with us so much about Iceland’s origin, history, and her present treasures and beauty. To that, Ra Anderson, a professional photographer, adds her own pictures. These are beautiful in their own right and would make any national tourism board proud.
Anderson makes no bones about one of her other purposes – to help young and old realize the importance of taking care of our world and every single creature in it.
While many may think the book is intended for children and while it is well-suited and totally appropriate for them, I can’t help but think that adults reading the book with or to their children will be enticed to visit Iceland and enjoy its beauty – both natural and cultural. I know I’ve added it to my bucket list because of this series.
And about those pufflings? Well, Ra Anderson has one more chance in Book III, entitled Puffins Encounter Fire & Iceto find them for her readers. But with a title like that could there be trouble ahead. Stay tuned for my review of the final book in the series coming out soon.
Highly recommended for young inquisitive minds that have a passion for animals, birds, and nature. And also, for adults, like myself, who find a unique type of travelogue most interesting.

n  Ken B. Godevenos, President, Accord Resolutions Services Inc., Toronto, Ontario, February 02, 2019,

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