Tuesday, July 23, 2019

If You’re Not Writing After Reading This Book, Reach for the Remote

Everybody Has a Book Inside of Them:
How To Bring It Out

Author: Ann Marie Sabath
Publisher: Career Press, Newburyport, MA, 2019

Ann Marie Sabath is smart. Period. Full stop. I’ll tell you why later.  But first, let me tell you about her 10thbook, Everybody Has a Book Inside of Them: How To Bring It Out.
In writing this book, Sabath practices what she preaches.  It’s jam-packed with advice on just about every topic, issue, and question she could come up with to help her readers find their topic and start to write.
That means covering things like the right writing age, how long it will take, the best catalysts to motivate you, fighting excuses not to write, and a “sounding board advisory group”. She covers what to wear when writing, where to write, when to write, knowing your readers, etc.
Sabath shares her way of doing things, openly admits there are other ways, and utilizes the words of other successful authors to share alternatives.
Central to her book is what she calls your “Writing Voice”.  You have to find it and listen to it. She gives us some detailed advice on what to do and what not to do with your manuscript, and whether or not you should consider a ‘pen name’ – pointing out the pros and cons.
My review can’t do the book justice in terms of what it covers.  It’s loaded as evidenced by a section entitled“Answers to Questions You May Not Have Thought to Ask”. She also provides her readers with a substantial list of recommended reading and very helpful resources.
The book is a great start for anyone who wants to write.  For me, it was full of surprises as well as a great relief.  I’ll let you read the book and try to figure out what the relief was – chances are it will be a relief for you too.
I started out by telling you Ann Marie Sabath is smart. I promised to tell you why I thought so. Sabath has the ability to identify a topic she excels in (after all, this is her 10thbook) and one for which there is a great market (I mean has anyone who can read and write not thought about writing a book sometime?) and given readers what they need to know in a way that both informs and entertains.
Her goal is to help you write. She can only ‘mentor’ you – she can’t move the pen or click the keyboard.  You’ll have to do that. But you’ll find it much easier if you take heed to what she has to share.
That’s where her ‘smartness’ comes in.  Smart authors just share their experiences and knowledge. And they succeed – with fame, with fortune.  Sabath is there. This book has valuable information – but it does not “make you write”.  You’ll have to write that one. 

n  Ken B. Godevenos, President, Accord Resolutions Services Inc., Toronto, Ontario, July 23, 2019, www.accordconsulting.com

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