Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why Some Canadian Politicians Are Not Very Smart

Well, after blowing his opportunity to show he is a decisive leader yesterday once he helped topple the Canadian government, Liberal leader Ignatieff today announces he won't form a coalition if the Conservatives win the most seats and can only form a minority.  He won't call on the NDP or the Bloc to help him form the government.  Was this smart or stupid?

I think it was stupid and here's why.  First of all, look at the standings when the government fell March 25th:

Conservatives: 143
Liberals:            77
Bloc Queb.:       47
NDP:                 36
Independents:     2
Vacant:               3

Total:               308

Ignatieff should have been looking at the numbers.  First, he trails the Conservatives almost 2 to 1.  Hard odds to beat in this kind of an election.  Second, he should be listening to the polls.  Thirdly, he should be listening to what some of his own may be saying about his leadership capabilities and future.  There is absolutely no way that without a coalition he could ever be prime minister.

What he should have said is this:  a) I would not form a coalition with the Bloc Quebecois -- as they are out to break up the country.  b) I would consider a coalition with the NDP if their seats and ours were sufficient to form a coalition government.  c) vote liberal, or failing that vote NDP, just don't vote Conservative or Bloc in Quebec.   That's what an honest and helpful and smart politician would have said for my money.   But that's not what we have here.

Now, let's move on to Mr. Layton of the NDP.   This actor is a fighter, but he's not a realist.  After what Ignatieff said, he takes off attacking both Harper and Ignatieff, and then returns to 2008 to run on the same platform as back then that got him no gains -- he is once again running to be king (read Prime Minister).  He gets an A for Aspiration.   But I think after this next election, he and Ignatieff will be looking at an E for Exit or Expiration.  (Darn, the old school teacher is coming out in me.)

What Layton should be saying is something like this:  I'm not going to run a negative campaign attacking anyone.  I'm going to tell you what we will do for this country and for you and what it will mean to you in terms of money in your pocket, jobs, education, old age, national security, etc.  I believe the hard-working people of the NDP can indeed work hard for every Canadian and I'd appreciate your vote to let us show you that.  Period.  End of statement.   He needs to stop being cute and witty -- of which he is both.  He should save that for when he is Prime Minister or for his grandchildren.

And as for Mr. Ducette, his platform precedes him. It's very simple, "Give me the money!"  Now, that will win a lot of votes in Quebec, or will it?

Why are some Canadian politicians not very smart?   Well, if you don't know by now, you'll soon see plenty of evidence in the next five weeks.

-- Ken Godevenos, Toronto.

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