Monday, March 14, 2011

A Temporary Drastic Human Solution To A Problem That Can Only Be Solved Divinely

Israel and the Middle East  I know this is coming out of left field, but the thought has come to me twice now on separate occasions as I reflect on what is going on in and around Israel today.  First, let me come out and say that I do not believe that we will ever have any human solution to the Jewish-Palestinian issues in the region.  Presidents and Heads of State have tried for decades.  That just is not going to happen.  Yes, I first say this because of my faith as a Christian -- as most Christians who follow the Scriptures seem to have the same opinion.  But I also say it as an observer of the Middle East situation for many years now.  When you put what has, is, and will go on, in the area (in terms of atrocities, lies, failed negotiations, egos, broken truces, etc.) together and consider it all alongside human nature and psychology -- you really can't logically come to any other conclusion.  You can hope, but you can't make it happen.  Man cannot settle, for even an interim period, let alone save, this situation.  It will take an act of God, for after all, it is about God, about God's people (both Jews and Palestinians), and God's land (for all the earth is His).  But it is also about God's Word, His promises to one of these two groups, His judgment, and ultimately it is about His revelation to the world that He is God and He will neither be ignored or mocked; that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and ultimately every knee will bow to Him.

Having said that, let me also say that as a human being, and as a Christian, I find it very difficult to watch young children murdered and mere infants get their throats slashed as happened recently.  I find it unacceptable when it happens to Jews and I find it unacceptable when similar things happen to Palestinians, regardless of cause.  So, I think something needs to be done to end this killing or at least to try and reduce it to almost nil.  The hatred will never be eliminated by any human means.  The question is what can be done?  Humanly-speaking of course.

I believe the answer may well lie in how people lived thousands of years ago.  It may be that we need to look at the strategies carried out by medieval leaders.  It may well be that we may simply need to go back to the days of Mr. Gorbachev.

In all of the eras mentioned above, those who were in charge of others believed that the best way to protect both people and property was to build a wall (in some cases a moat) around the land they possessed.  That wall was heavily guarded from the top all around the perimeter and no one could enter through it that had not been properly and fully identified.  When attacks were noticed coming from afar, the lookouts would inform the troops inside and they would prepare for battle.  Think Masada.

Now of course, you can come up with thousands of reasons why this would be impractical.  Let me suggest the greatest -- military arms today, especially nuclear ones don't seem to concern themselves with mere walls.  They go over them and through them.  That is true.  But for some reason, no one has been or is prepared, no matter what the rhetoric from Iran is, to actually use nuclear arms (even if they had them) against Israel.  They know that the nuclear bombs they drop will not be the last ones dropped.  To this point at least, God seems to be saving us all from that annihilation.

Yes, it would be costly and it may even be difficult, but commencing to build such a wall would indicate how serious Israel is about what it wants and needs to do.  The issue of settlers both inside so-called occupied lands (both Palestinian and Israeli) would of course have to be dealt with once again and likely at significant human cost.   But once the dust settles, people could commence living in a more or less increased state of relative peace and get on with their lives.  Local undertakers would see in a decrease in business.

If you have been to Israel, you will have noticed that in essence small 'walls' are being built all over the place.  They come in the form of military roadblocks, bullet-proof transportation for tourists to places such as Bethlehem and elsewhere, barbed wire, security checks, and when it comes to the Temple Mount on top of Old Jerusalem, three different police forces.  So what exactly would be so wrong with a type of 'Berlin' wall around Israel?

The biggest barrier to such thinking is modern and liberal ideology.  Just because the more recent experiences with walls have all been negative uses as far as the West is concerned, does not mean that walls themselves are inherently bad.  After all, try getting into Fort Knox in Kentucky or the White House for that matter.  I have enough trouble getting into the American Embassy in some cities around the world.

And this situation in the Middle East is not like Berlin, or China, or Russia, in the past.  It is one where Israel wants to live in peace and others won't let it.  The only human solution is to keep others out.  Trade can continue; tourism can continue; international relations can continue -- but all will have to realize that everything will require increased security and time.  And we'll all have to put up with some inconveniences.  But if it will save lives, it will be worth it.

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