Saturday, March 05, 2011

Rainy Saturday Afternoon Musings: Prisoner Unions, Christian Criticism, Disaster Kits, Libya, U.S. adopts 'Bahrain Model'

1.  Will Canada Have the World's 1st Union for Prisoner Laborers?   I'm sorry but with all the events involving unions in the United States, socialist Canada is moving ahead in a different direction.  Somebody needs to give their heads a shake.  Take a look at this effort to unionize prisoners in B.C.:

2.  The Penny Just Dropped  As I post various things on my blog, Facebook or Twitter, about certain topics I find that some Christians seem so against us saying exactly what their own Bible says about these things.  I think of homosexuality and I think of divorce.  And oh, I think of speaking up against a bad leader.  What is it about these topics that make some Christians so aggressive in trying to stop other Christians about bringing out the truth.  Have they bought into liberal un-christian worldviews?  Are they so concerned about having friends or relatives that are divorced, gay, or support liberal administrations?  What exactly is it?   Because the Bible is indeed clear.   I've come to realize that their main problem they may have is the fact that they cannot separate "the person" for the "action".  We as Christians need to speak up against the sinful action, while we make sure we express our love for the individual.  In the same light, I feel I can criticize an "incumbent" who holds the position of President of a Nation while I do not stop caring for him or her as an individual or praying for their salvation.  If he or she is not capable of doing a job, then they should not be doing it.   That has nothing to do with who they are as a person.   If that were not true, then as Christians we would have to go and watch highly-paid professional sports players play a game and perform worse than our five year old grandchildren would playing against the same team these 'pros' are playing against, and not be allowed to "boo" them and show our displeasure.   That's not what Christ meant when he told us to "judge not lest we be judged".  He was talking about "judging a person's salvation" -- is he saved or is he not saved?   There, I've said.   So, please fellow Christians, stand up for the truth under all circumstances.

3.  Wondering What Should Go Into Your Family's Disaster Kit?  Here's a great site that lists what you need and what you may also want to have.  It's worth the time to look at it.  FEMA is expecting a major earthquake in North America at some point in the near future.  First the make-up of the Kit can be seen at this address:
And here's the link to the FEMA video that talks about why an another earthquake:

4.  The headlines today indicate more rebel casualties in Libya and yet the powers that be are not 'yet' ready to move in.  I'm sure they have good reasons, but they certainly have not shared them with anyone that I know of.  Here's the link:
CNN is reporting that there is no current push for a 'no-fly' zone because that will mean a military intervention for which there is not sufficient international support (Russia, e.g.).  Basically, they're saying the situation is not bad enough yet.  Perhaps the newly adopted "Bahrain Model" of the U.S., as explained by the Jerusalem Post is the reason I'm looking for.  Take a look at it and see what you think.  Here's the link:  .  The idea is that you support the person in power to the best of your ability but work with the people to bring about reforms.  How well is that working recently?

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