Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Musings . . . on a Thursday Evening: Love, Hatred Education, Research Ethics, Corruption,

1. Lessons of Hate in Islamic Schools in Britain.  Here is a most interesting account of what is being taught in some schools in the U.K. as shown by the BBC and reported by the New York Times.  Take a look at:  Notice the response or lack thereof from the Saudi Arabian embassy.  Notice the position of Britain's ministry of education.  And notice how they're always saying, "everything is out of context".   Well, when you have some much overlap in what's 'out of context' all the time, maybe that becomes the context.

2. Please participate in our Study: We inject you with Syphilis.  Last year we learned that there was a study done 65 years ago that wasn't ethical.  Now, the U.S. Ethics Committee is probing that study in which subjects were dosed with Syphilis.  The question is "can this happen again?"  Some bioethicists think it can.  Take a look here: .

3. Who would have thought Abraham Lincoln had a crystal ball to today?  Take a look at this quote of his on "An Era of Corruption" as quoted by the Institute of Global Ethics' "Ethics Newsline".  Here's the link: .  How could one man be so bang on?

4. "In the end, it is love . . . "  I John 4:16 in the Bible says, "We have known and believed the love that God has for us."  I find this verse most interesting.  When you 'know' something, you can 'believe' it.  An that is how it is with God's love.  Charles F. Stanley writes on this verse:  "In the end, it is love -- and especially the infinite, unconditional, forgiving love of God our heavenly Father -- that creates in us a feeling of value and worth.  If Jesus, God's Son, went to the cross or us, surely we are worthy. . . . If God created us, redeemed us, and desires to call us His children forever, surely we are of great importance to Him.  The answer to feelings of unworthiness is love. . . . A love that is based not upon what a person does, but upon who a person is -- a beloved child of almighty God."   When you find a person who loves you for who you are (not what you do, especially for them), you have found some serious love.  Those that have found God, have found the ultimate in "love".

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