Friday, March 04, 2011

The Blatant Stupidity & Blindness of the B.O. Administration

This report from the Washington Post is totally on track and totally unbelievable. How blind and how stupid can one set of leaders be?

First they told us not to worry -- these revolutions are good for democracy and don't worry about any Islamic impact -- there won't be any direct impact on politics. Earlier they had told us that Islam is a religion of peace (Bush said that too). Now the B.O. White House is admitting that a number of these Middle Eastern states currently in chaos will end up as Islmaic ones. And they've ordered a study as to how to prepare for that.

Unbelievable. Hello, where have you guys been? How blind can you be? B.O., have you noticed your approval rating laterly?

So they managed to bring it about ever so smoothly. Now you know why they're all talk about going in and helping the Libyans quickly -- doesn't go with the long-term script. They want Islamic powers to take their positions and course naturally.

Accoding to the Post, one senior B.O. administration official said, "We shouldn't be afraid of Islam in the politics of these countries". Really, has this guy (or woman) been watching the blogosphere as to what is happening to Christians in Islamic leaning countries lately? I guess not. Or is it we don't care about Christians in the B.O. administration. I think that's it. Somebody convince me otherwise given all the decisions B.O. has been making lately.

If this is the "new beginning with Islam" that B.O. promised upon taking office, well, congratulations B.O., you've delivered very well. Thanks but no thanks.

And then of course there's that woman who is showing lately that she is now competing with Nancy Pelosi for the dumbest female politician award. On Monday, she, according to the Post, implicitly invited Islamist parties to participate in the Middle East's future elections, and get this "with conditions". Give me a break. Here are the conditions she called for: "reject violence, uphold equality, and agree to play by the rules of democracy." Isn't that exactly what they're doing in Pakistan these days by killing the only elected Christian official in the country? Come on Hillary, get a job you can handle, or understand.

If you weren't mad at the B.O. administration before you read this article in the link below, then you should be afterwards. If not, well "I'm speechless". Please share this with those that are or will be.

Obama administration prepares for possibility of new post-revolt Islamist regimes

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