Thursday, March 03, 2011

Atheists Ramp Up Their Campaign

It isn't enough that the various religions in the world have their differences and find it hard to unite (and by all means I am not recommending, or calling for, that), but now "atheists" are spending big bucks to tell us they don't need God. Against my better judgment, I'm sharing their website with you. It was all over CNN this afternoon.

Here's the problem as I see it. One of their lines says, "you don't need God . . . to live". Three points in response: First, all of us are living at His pleasure. He allows it. Oh, yes, you can say it is all "luck" or "coincidence" that some live and some die in similar circumstances and that position, along with 50 cents will let you make a local phone call. But the fact remains, it's just not that simple. Is it now?

Secondly, I'm sure that if Christian theologians and pastors took the time and wanted to, just about every comment on this website can be refuted.

Thirdly, doing all those things without God, is like living in the world that Hollywood movies create rather than the real thing. Why do you love? Why do you care? What meaning do you really find in a life that comes and goes? Where does it go? Where does it come from? Why live it? Where is the meaning that you find and and of what value is it? And you have 'hope' in what? What exactly are you 'hoping' for. This is the lamest campaign against God I have ever seen.

You make your own mind up as you watch it. Share it wisely with others that may benefit. Tell your pastors about it. Educate your children on it.

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