Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Would You Allow Muslim Services In Your Christian Church?

We have things so badly screwed up in our world that we are being criticized for not allowing Muslims to hold Islamic services in our House of Worship. Unbelievable.

Three questions:

1. Would Muslims allow Christians to hold services in their mosques? I doubt it. I couldn't even get into the Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem last year.  I wasn't a Muslim.

2.  Why are Muslims around the world destroying Christian churches?

3.  Would Democrats allow Replubicans to use their campaign offices in the off-shifts during an election campaign?

4.  Didn't Jesus throw money-changers out of the temple?  And they were only money-changers, not an organization that wants to conquer the world for its own religion and is prepared to destroy those that remain unbelievers.

Yet, we are being criticized by Muslims for not allowing our churches to be used by them.   Please, is there any sanity left in this world?    Never mind.   Here's the story.   Please share it by sharing this blog.

Now, of course, if you would share your church this way -- feel free to tell us about it.

Huckabee draws heat for anti-Islam remarks | The Christian Century

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