Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts - Feb 1, 2011 (partnership, dignity, next dark ages)

An indigenous person as quoted in Mary Lederleitner's book, Cross-Cultural Partnerships: Negotiating the Complexities of Money and Mission, "When we hear the word partnership, what comes to our mind is that this is another way for the White man to control us."  -- something to think about as we deal with others today and in the future.

On relationships with dignity.  Duane H. Elmer in his forward for the book mentioned above has some very wise advice for us as we relate to all human beings -- whether face-to-face, indirectly through our writings, on the telephone, or by email, etc.  It is this:  "To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, every human encounter is intended to be a sacred moment by honoring the dignity of the other person; anything less is to deform the image of God in that person and thus profane the moment and the God who created them (Proverbs 14:31; Matthew 25:40)."

Is another 'Dark Ages' all we have to look forward to?  This from the latest issue of Fortune magazine, written by Anne VanderMey:  "If history repeats itself, one hopes we'll repeat the good parts -- not, as 33-year-old think tank fellow Parag Khanna predicts, the Middle Aes.  In How to run the World (Random House), he tells of an emerging ark Ages, thanks to religious tension, mercenaries, disease, and the waning influence of government.  But . . .  (Khanna's book) . . .  isn't all dire. . . . it reminds us that after the Middle Ages came the Renaissance."  Is that what this is all about?  I don't think so.  I mean if all the events that were occurring were not following a pretty well scripted plan as outlined in Scripture (see any of Joel Rosenberg's writing and Ezekiel 38 and 39 in the Bible), then maybe.  Maybe a second Renaissance is the best we could hope for.  But I believe it is much more than that.  First of all, I'm not so sure all of us would really welcome a second Renaissance.  Yes, we don't want to stay in any Dark Ages, but I'm not sure that the Renaissance was all everybody made it out to be.  There were positives and negatives added to life's equation during that period.  No, I'm looking for, and expecting, a whole new scene, where ultimately the Creator, God Almighty will take His rightful place among men and this world.  That's the "hope" of my faith.  That's what I'm ready for.  And I'm not alone.   As a minimum, check out what is happening these days in light of God's (whether He exists for you or not) plan.  Let me recommend "Inside the Revolution" by Joel Rosenberg or his website, by clicking here.  

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