Friday, February 04, 2011

Sorrow, Trials, Storms, Crisis vs. Peace

I know that many of my friends and associates are indeed experiencing personal sorrow, personal trials, personal storms, and personal crisis.   I have done likewise over the 63 years of life I have lived so far and expect to do so again should I live very long after I push the "send" button on this post.

Life is indeed like that.  At this very moment whereas I am tired and have much on my mind, short of a very sick little grandson with a high fever, I am not experiencing much personal turbulence in my life.  But I know I will and I need to if I want to grow and be more useful tomorrow than I am today, to anyone else, including my grandchild.

However, as I watch the news and read the newspapers to keep on top of what is going on all over the world, not the least place of interest being Egypt, I have come to the following realization.  I feel the same sorrow, trials, storms, and crisis within me -- it's just not "personal".   It's "community" or "society" or just "mankind" related or based.

And I realized that it is God who also allows us to experience these global events in our lives for the same reason He allows us to experience personal calamities.  The sole purpose of these experiences "for me" -- I say 'for me' or 'for you' because God's purpose in allowing things to happen have multi-purposes simultaneously for more than one person at a time, for groups, for countries, and/or for all mankind --  is "so we might learn that God has power to sustain us and provide for us all things that produce earthly blessings and eternal benefits...All of God's children go through storms in their journeys through life."  (Charles F. Stanley)

What is important is not so much the experience itself or the event but the process of "going through" the experience or the event.  It is during this "going through" that Stanley says we can fully experience the "peace" He alone can give us.    People who "experience events" or more correctly those that "go through experiences" cannot and do not find peace in that process no matter what the experience is -- unless they find it in the God of the Bible and in His Son, Jesus Christ.

I hope you have that peace of HIS today for it alone can carry you "safely through" the experience or the event of life, to what lies beyond.  If not, I hope you'll have enough energy left in your difficult journeys to investigate it through the scriptures.

Psalm 34:8 says, "Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man (or woman) who trusts in Him." 

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