Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"Resign or Bloodshed"? -- That's what Elbaradei is saying to Mubarak

You think there was rhetoric in the United States lately?  Try following this scene in Egypt.  With no one really openly in charge anymore, one prominent potential leader and former IAEA director (no wonder he was not able to stop Iran's plans for nuclear reactors), is using rhetoric and egging on people to prepare for bloodshed to get what they want.  And this is the man that is being backed by the so-called peaceful, non-radical "Muslim Brotherhood".   Well, you read the account and judge for yourselves.  The situation in Egypt is getting worse.

Meanwhile, Egypt's internet and cell phone networks have been totally shut down.  People are finding alternatives.  And the military says they won't use force.

ElBaradei: 'Mubarak must resign to prevent bloodshed'

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