Friday, February 04, 2011

Now What? What do M.B., B.O. and H.M do next? And then there's ElBaradei

Friday was supposed to be the "day of departure".   Not so fast.  It didn't happen.   Mubarak is still in.  B.O. is pushing for reforms to begin 'yesterday' if not sooner.  Not happening.  ElBaradei has said he's running for President in the next election (he must have changed his mind -- why just the other day he wouldn't answer the question directly; yep, let's trust him).

So, it seems Mubarak is trying different tactics and so are the anti-government movements.  Muslim Brotherhood is not so quiet.   Back in North America only the President and CNN keep telling us the Muslim Brotherhood is not to be feared.   Now, it is reported that a Google Executive is missing and reportedly being held by Egyptian authorities.

Meanwhile, B.O.'s Popularity or Approval Rating has slipped to a +4.8 point spread with  49.3% approving while 44.5% disapprove.   The spread recently was in the 9+ area in favor of B.O.  He's lost almost half of it.  But then you knew that would happen when he first opened his mouth to speak on Egypt.   His rating falls each time he speaks on it since then.

ElBaradei on the Israel issue:  I'll start by telling everyone that they'll get a "fair shake".   Another dreamer.  

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