Monday, February 07, 2011

Is this a "win-win" or "just playing games" w.r.t. Egypt?

What ever happened to those days when we could count on our leaders to be totally honest, forthright, transparent (I've heard that word recently)? What happened to the days when true leaders could say -- "hey, this is how it is and this is what we are doing about it" without needing to make up or come up or even utilize excuses that may or may not be lame.

Yes, Mubarak has been known to have cancer. No, up to know there has been no public indication that he wanted or needed to be treated outside Egypt.

But lo and behold, the U.S. team lead by the ever-creative B.O. says "we have an idea; here's how to get Mubarak to leave Egypt and not return until after the elections -- send him on a long-term medical leave in Germany!" Smart, very smart. But as my favorite German-styled character (he wore one of those funny army helmets and always hid behind bushes) on the old "Laugh In" program used to say, "But, very STUPID!"

Well, let me retract -- perhaps not so stupid, but certainly dishonest. The very fact this is being discussed secretly (even the German hospital that would be involved is saying nothing) speaks of plots and sub-plots. But alas the world has come to that -- no human government can be trusted to do what is right and honorable and fair. And the main reason, to be fair to them, is that they really do not know what that is or looks like. When they themselves have lost their moral compass of what is ultimately right and wrong and failed to heed the need for Divine guidance, they get to be like this. The rest of us just have to see through it and pray for the day when their rule individually and/or collectively will end.

Meanwhile you can read more about the story that gave rise to these thoughts in the link below, and please do pass it on to your network.

'US proposes Mubarak exit strategy to German hospital'

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