Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Company Men (2010)

My five year grandson uttered these words yesterday when he tried to show me a new "dance move" that I couldn't reproduce for the life of me: "Pappou, I am a professional. Don't worry if you can't do it."

Well, when it comes to critiquing movies, I am not a professional, so please don't decide about this movie on what I say. My job is simply to tell you that it may well be worth your while.

But first the "viewer and Christian beware" aspects: There is repeated profanity. There is about 2 seconds of nudity. There is one adulterous affair. But why am I still recommending this movie? Read on. . .

As a Human Resources Consultant (, I'm in the people business and this movie is definitely about people -- people who lose their jobs while others are exploiting the system for all it's worth without regard to those they kick out the door.

As an HR practitioner I have had to live through these experiences. I've watched men and women lose everything. I've watched them struggle. I've seen how it impacts peoples' spouses, their marriage, their children, relatives, and friends.

I've also seen how some who have a job do not have any clue how to deal with those that don't or who have just lost theirs. I've seen counselors not know how to handle it; I've even seen some pastors be of very little help in dealing with it.

That's why I recommend this movie to anyone who cares about people and who knows that "there but for the grace of God" goes you and I. This movie will help you rethink your relationship with those that lose their jobs (including the ones you love very much) and in case of you losing your job -- how to deal with those around you and yourself.

Recommended. Still in the theatres, but soon coming to a DVD store near you.

Enjoy and pass this on to others that may benefit.

The Company Men (2010) - IMDb

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