Tuesday, February 01, 2011

After Obama's speech, ElBaradei says B.O. gave Mubarak Wrong Advice

If the President really thinks he will get cooperation from an Egypt led by ElBaradei and his Muslim Brotherhood buddies once Mubarak is gone, he better think again.    The chances are next to nil unless the U.S. starts pouring big money into the regime (which may well continue to do).  All he needs to do is have some of his people analyze how ElBaradei just reacted to what Obama had to say.  He was very honest and very direct and not very complimentary.  He'll be getting much more of that frank talk in the days ahead.

At 8 p.m. tonight on CNN, Anjem Choudary the radical Islamist was interviewed.  The anchor Spitzer is suggesting that the protesters in the whole Arab world are not espousing Choudary's radical Islam at all and of course (and rightly so) Choudary is disagreeing big-time.   What on earth is CNN suggesting and encouraging and doing?  They seem to be suggesting all of this is about good Islam progress and a desire for a western approach to life.  To Choudary, a transition government is only a temporary solution and ultimately it will translate into a full revolution of Islam and the beginning of the end of Israel and its allies.

It continues to amaze me how no strong conservative is standing up to what is going on at all.  No one is seeing the "writing on the wall".   How blind and self-centered can our western leaders be?

Is anybody out there listening, watching, reading what the radicals are saying openly and on Network Television?  Okay, if not -- how about reading your Bible.  Strongly recommended.

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