Friday, February 25, 2011

Abortion and Blacks and Liberals and Freedom and Us

I am indeed ticked again.    Let me give you the background.  An association buys, as part of a national campaign, billboard space.  The billboard agency approves the advertisement which basically says, "the most danger place for an African American is in the womb."   The connection is obvious.  It points to the very high incidence of abortion among Blacks in America and is part of an anti-abortion campaign.  One of these billboards is in New York City.  Now, let's see what takes place next.

It so happens the New York billboard is on a building where there's a restaurant.  The staff complain they are being harassed by patrons who are against the billboard's message.   Really?  Why would a server be harassed because of a paid advertisement on their building?   I thought America was a free country.  Wrong again.

In addition, the agency hears there's going to be a protest by those against the message in the ad.  (That was scheduled for today.)  Well, yesterday they decide that both these situations raise concerns about "public safety" and down comes the ad.   Wait a minute.  Somebody paid for that advertisement.  It's perfectly legal and they had a deal.   If there's some public safety issues, that's why we have thousands of NYC police officers.  But no, the billboard ad comes down.

Before you go to the link below (and I recommend you do and watch the short video therein too), let me ask you one question:  Suppose for a moment that the ad was a legitimate legal advertisement for the gay and lesbian lifestyle or about "free information on, and discount rates for, abortion".   And this time the conservatives threaten to protest and bugged the servers in the restaurant about the ad.  Suppose that and then answer this question:  Would the ad come down?  No.   Would police be called on to control the protesters?  Yes.

So, what's wrong with this picture, folks?   Are you angry yet?  I hope so.  Because this is the new America.    And now it's my turn to start attaching some blame.  I blame ourselves -- the conservatists, and in particular the conservative Christians that can't get our act together to peacefully but in total unity get together and say "enough is enough".  Instead, we pick on each other and unless someone believes in exactly everything we believe in, we refuse to join hands with them and stand up for what is moral, what is right, what is godly.

So, there you have it.  I said.  I feel better.  But it doesn't change anything.  Denominational leaders you need to get your people off their butts, stop worrying about your ability to give out charitable tax receipts, and bring people together for the Truth and what is Moral.   You'll have a lot to answer for one day if you don't.

Please pass this blog on to others who may feel the same way. 

Billboard focused on African-American abortions was taken down -

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