Monday, January 03, 2011

What Muslims are saying About Attacks on Christians

The leaders of Islam are claiming the attacks in Egypt killing Christian Coptics are not the work of Muslims.  My question to them:  Who then?  Were any Christians or Jews captured?  Did any Christian or Jewish organization take credit for the killings and the attacks?  Who's left that would do that?  And who can we believe these days?  What disturbs me the most is the relative silence of the Western world.

Is it possible that somehow we need to find out who is speaking, or who can speak openly, for the Moderate Muslims, and then sit down with them together to see how to stop this insanity.  You can read the account for yourself at

Saudi Mufti on Egypt church bombing: "Enemies of Islam are trying to portray such attacks as orchestrated by Muslims" - Jihad Watch

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