Saturday, January 15, 2011

Very Serious Questions YOU Can't Answer Until After Tomorrow (Time Sensitive Thoughts)

Whoever said, "it's a small world" didn't really know North Americans very well.  As I look at what has happened in the last week, not even counting the massacre in Tucson, Arizona, I am convinced that it's either a very big world and the majority of us don't really get a chance to know about what is going on anywhere else except with us, OR (and that's a pretty big "or"), we just don't give a d---!   I'm sorry, but let me ask you something that you won't be able to answer until after you come home from your church tomorrow or next week:  how many of our places of worship in North America tomorrow will even mention the floods in Brazil, the government collapse in Lebanon, the utter national chaos in Tunisia, the continued persecution of Christians in North Korea, the plight of women in certain countries, and the potential global food crisis?  I'm willing to bet not very many.

Compare that number (it doesn't really matter what it is) to how many pastors or priests or even rabbis in North America that will make some reference or joke about one team or another playing one or another of their favorite sports?  How many church-goers will sing, "It is well with my soul?" or "Onward, Christian soldiers!" (yes, some older congregations still sing that).  In some parts of the continent, the only place most of these church goers will be marching forward and onward to after the service is their nearest favorite eating spot.

But then again that's exactly how the powers that be, not to mention that enemy of enemies himself, the guy Hollywood portrays with a pitch-fork and a tail, wants us to be.  Not caring about anything except our ability to sing nice songs in church and then go eat our hearts out.  In fact, most of us are eating so much that at least in Boston they have started to introduce special ambulances for the obese.  All of which gives me a great idea.  Someone needs to invent (for restaurants) tables at booths that actually narrow so that fatter people can sit more comfortably to eat.  That way any desired extra room does not interfere with the booths or tables on either side -- only your own.  Your table actually narrows to accommodate your belly.  And the good news is you can reach everything anywhere on the table as a result.

The point is "we really don't care in North America with what is going on in the rest of the world" -- or very few of us do.  Is it any wonder that most of the world thinks "we really don't get it"?  That we're so self-absorbed?  So much so, that perhaps we should change the name of the continent to "Narcissia" -- that would be a better fit.

I am tired of hearing so many parents complain about the impact of television and Hollywood on their children.  They complain that all their daughters can do is to shop the latest fashions, use the latest cosmetics, and dance to the latest hits.  Just to name a few complaints.  And no, I'm not referring to the immigrant parents here who do a better job of getting their kids to study and do well.  Yet these very same complaining parents read nothing but trashy magazines, watch movie after movie, and do everything their kids do.  Hardly do they watch world news of significance (CNN and even Fox do not count -- BBC is just a little better) and the only sections of the paper (if they get one) they read are the sports, the entertainment, and life.   Well, folks, I got news for you.  This is not life.  What we're involved in here in North America is slow dying -- they just make us feel good by giving us a good time in the process.  It's like putting a frog in cool water and heating it slowly, he'll never jump out and then at some point he'll be dead.  Meanwhile the rest of the world is fighting desperately for its life and even if they lose it, at least they'll know they lost it for a cause.

What cause are the majority of us living (or dying) for?  We can each answer that for ourselves.  But for the sake of God and those you love, make an effort this year to become more familiar with what is going on in the world.  You see, it really is a small world and what happens "everywhere and anywhere" that is of significance, will, ultimately affect you or your children.

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