Thursday, January 20, 2011

U.K. Struggling Now With How It Deals with Islam and Radicals

Here is an article on the situation in the U.K. with respect to its struggle with Islamophobia. On the one hand, we know that the U.K. is the victim of attacks and more plots against it. We also know that the problem is with the radicals rather than the moderates. Yet, this politician does not want us to separate radicals from moderate Muslims and says that is not helpful. Instead, she wants us to simply think that those causing trouble in the U.K. are a few individuals who are misled about their faith. She does have it right though that we need some "policies" as to how to address this.

Personally, I see two things at issue here:
1. Are there moderate and radical Muslims, and if so, which is following Islam more accurately? (I believe from what I have read, it is the latter.)
2. If one above is true, are we prepared to recognize that the aggressive movement and rise of Islam worldwide should be dealt with politically and not as a religion, just as the world wants to treat Israel politically rather than as a religion?

These are the questions we must answer correctly. If not, we will find the whole world soon to be engrossed in a global situation that is akin to the regional Middle East situation now.

My last question is this: Why can't our politicians, especially in the U.S. see this? Why can they not see that as long as they see this growth of Islamic radicalism stemming purely from a religious perspective, they will be unfairly limited in how they can deal with it.  (Certainly radical Islamists see us as the enemy, but we are ideologically forbidden to see them the same way.)

And yes, Islam is different from other religions, because of how it deals with them -- the other religions.  In its purest form, it does not allow for their existence.

Islamophobia 'acceptable' in UK - Europe - Al Jazeera English

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