Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Morning Musings -- January 29, 2011

Hurricanes: Here's something new I learned about these wild ocean storms.  According to veteran weather expert Brian Sussman, hurricanes are "God's great gifts to the earth. . . Among other benefits, hurricanes are an efficient conduit for hot equatorial air to be transported to colder parts of the planet, thus balancing out earth's average temperature."

Civil Unrests as of January 29th: Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Aleria, Jordan, Yemen.  That's seven. What's going on?

Egypt: Four o'clock curfew on Saturday in Egypt is being basically ignored.  Mubarak holding on, but people insistent.

Turning Enemies Into Friends:  It is interesting that as we face a world of "enemies", the New Testament gives us perhaps the only proven methodology for turning enemies into friends.  It says, "Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you."  Wow.  That's in Matthew 5:44.   We are told, "if you do this, God will reward you."   So, how does all this play out with respect to what is going on in the world today -- in Egypt, in Israel, and everywhere else?  Charles Stanley has a suggestion.  He says, "(do what the verse says) Even if your enemy continues to persecute you and do evil to you, God will find a way to bless you."   So that's it.  We won't necessarily be blessed by man, or what we expect in term's of physical blessings, but we will be blessed by God.  That's so hard to live by but yet, it may, in this world where God's arch-Enemy, Satan still is allowed to wield his power, it may just be the only salvation.  I encourage you to think about it.

Egypt's New Vice-President: Omar Suleiman, Egypt's spy chief appointed as new Vice-President of the country.  Could he take over from Mubarak?   Remains to be seen.   Also, Ahmed Shafiq, the minister of civil aviation, has been named the new prime minister.

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