Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Palestinian Flag Flies In Washington at P.A. diplomatic mission

Does the raising of its flag in Washington, USA mean the PA is one step closer to being recognized as a state? I believe the answer is 'yes'. Sooner or later, rightly or wrongly, the world, or the majority of the world will (if it hasn't already) accept the PA as leading a Palestinian Statehood. There is no doubt in my mind that this will happen, as an official act endorsed by the U.S., perhaps all too soon.

It is not clear what that would mean immediately for Israel and her future. Much will depend on who is in power in Israel at the time. The reaction may be drastic if someone even more conservative than Netanyahu is in power. It may be too accepting if someone too far to the left is in power. It is difficult to know what Netanyahu himself would do.

One thing is for certain, many in Israel will, from that moment on, know (if they don't already sense it now), that they are, in many respects, truly alone. And it will be up to them to undertake whatever action is necessary to achieve whatever goals they desire to pursue. That much I can assure you.

There is of course a third course that is above and beyond all the planning and scheming of governments -- American, Palestinian, and even Israeli -- it is the plan of God for Israel, His plan for the land He promised them and for its role with respect to the future of the entire world. Stay tuned.

Palestinians raise flag at Washington diplomatic mission

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