Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh, How We Have Fallen . . . Society and Sex

Believe me, I had to pray whether or not I would even draw this to your attention; and I also had to think long as to how I would if I did. For, it is sickening.  In the end, I felt I was not going to censor news that I believed many needed to be aware of these days -- because you have friends, spouses, children; or because you are involved in counseling; or just because you need to know what kind of thinking is out there in our world today and in the leaders of tomorrow (this research is based on university students).  We need to know what we may be facing when we deal with neighbors, colleagues, politicians, etc.  Someone really moved our cheese while we were in church singing hymns.

As I read this article from respected Newswise (a source for many journalists and reporters worldwide -- this is where they get many of their 'what's new in research' articles from), I first wondered whether this kind of research was intended to really spread a gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transvestitle (GLBT) agenda.  Of course, it does that.  But it also paints a picture of a very fallen generation.  Of course, we knew that -- all generations are fallen generations these centuries, from Adam and Eve's time forward.  And we also know, given that the percentage of couples getting married is on the decrease, that this generation and the one after this one, aren't likely to be the most moral.  But take a look at this a little deeper as you consider how people react to extra-relationship sexual relationships (no, that's not an error -- it's exactly what I mean -- it's not extra-marital because they're not even married).   Look at the difference between men and women and look at the actual percentages provided in the data.

The situation is not good.  The future for society is not bright or healthy or moral.  I am not an evolutionist by any means of the imagination, but I think Darwin may have had something right when he said humans and animals were connected.  He just had the direction mixed up.  When I see data like this, I start to think that maybe humans evolve into animals, not the other way around.  All I can say is this is wrong, and society will pay a heavy price.

Christians know that God has provided the institution of marriage to guard us from these kind of situations.  And yes, I know that infidelity exists, even in Christian marriages.  And so, He has also provided forgiveness based on true repentance (i.e. where one changes his/her ways) when that happens.  But there is no provision for the continuation of such behavior.  Sin is sin.  I'm sharing the article so that we'll be aware of what's happening out there and not be ignorant of circumstances when sharing out faith or living our lives.  And I'm sharing it so we can be aware of the challenges we ourselves may face in the lives of our loved ones who may not have the same relationship with God that we do.  Hold on, and here's the article. .  .

Men More Likely to Stick with Girlfriends Who Sleep with Other Women than Other Men

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