Friday, January 07, 2011

ObamaCare Mathematics

In March 2010,  219 (mainly Democrats) in the House voted for the passing of O-Care vs. 212 who were against it.
Assuming that everyone in the Senate voted along party lines, the total combined numbers of the two votes would have been:

219+57 Dem. Senators or a total of 276 elected officials voting for O-care.
212+41 Republican Senators or a total of 253 voting against its passing.
A difference of 276/253 or 9.1%.

Enter 2011 (January in fact) and there's a vote to effectively repeal O-care.  That vote in the House went 236 for the repeal vs. 181 against it.  Let's do the same math as above assuming everyone in the Senate (if this had been an actual final vote) would vote according to party lines:

236+47 Republican Sentors or a total of 283 elected officials voting to repeal.
181+51 Democrat Senators or a total 232 voting to keep it.
A difference this time of 283/232 or 22.0%  (over twice the percentage than before) and not just 23 votes more, but 51 votes more.

But of course that's the problem with the Senate having the final say.  Or should I say, the semi-final say -- because even if a few of them were to vote with GOP on this one, the B.O. would veto the decision.

That's the law.

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