Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Developments in the Middle East -- No Good News

NewsAmerica's Middle East Channel had some most interesting links today to further developments in the region.

For starters, it reports that the new Prime Minister of Lebanon is Najib Mikati, the candidate backed by Hezbollah.  The implications for the relationship with neighboring Israel is obvious -- not a bright future there unless you like the lighting up of the skies when rockets are being fired back and forth.

It also reports that the U.S. says that Al-Jazeera's leaks make Mideast situation 'more difficult'.  Perhaps, but it really makes it more embarrassing as well for the United States that clearly was not able to broker a deal.  It's a diplomatic nightmare as things stand right now with the release of the Palestine Papers.

And finally Hamas (the Islamic Resistance Movement, a Palestinian political and military organization, recognized as terrorists by many nations) calls for protest against 'PA concessions' revealed in leaked documents.  Now Palestinians are fighting with Palestinians.  But such is the way of the Middle East.

Is there any good news on the peace talks?  I can't find any.  Of course, I haven't been looking in the Bible.

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