Thursday, January 27, 2011

Canada - U.S. Defense Heads Meet - And I have a question for them.

We can all rest assured, the relationship between the United States and Canada is valued by both countries and is necessary to defend our people (in both countries) in the future from external threats.

The big issue is of course the participation in a program to build and purchase F-35's, the latest version of what kind of aircraft we both need to stay ahead in the military's attempt to defend our external borders.

Here's the rub: the Canadian Liberal Party under Michael Ignatief, is said to have indicated that if they get elected, they will pull out of the program, wheras Harper's Conservatives will stay in the program.

I don't know about you, I'm a little tired of being or trying to be a "free-loader" in our own defense.  I don't think we are now by any means and I don't want us to move in that direction at all.  The Liberals will indeed move us that way, but worse than that, they are prepared to weaken our defensibility.  And even worse than that, they are prepared to join the "other side" in moving away from our only, albeit it not perfect, real neighbor (neighbour) and friend.  How short-sighted can that be.

Is an election coming in Canada?  Likely, but I'm not sure.  However, bring it on and let the Conservatives either win a majority or maintain a very comfortable minority for another four or five years.

What was disappointing about the press conference following the meeting was the continued silence on the march of radical Islam across the face of the earth.  Although, I must admit that right now from what I see or read, it is Canada that seems to be the strongest opponent (thanks to Mr. Harper) to such advance across humanity.  But they need to step it up and start convincing their allies to do likewise.  I'm not against people and their faith, but I am very weary of terrorism and the killing of others because they do not agree in my faith or in anyone else's faith.  Clearly, the world wants Human Rights to be exercised with people of genders, ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religions.  All that is, except where any violations are a result of a religion that seems to think it is imperative for them to eliminate others who don't believe what they believe.  Under that condition, we all cower, do we not?

Perhaps, that would have been a question I would have asked Secretary Robert Gates or Defense Minister Peter MacKay.

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