Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby Doc Duvalier: Is it about the money? 4.6 Million of It

According to a guest on CNN, one of the possible leading reasons for Duvalier to come back to Haiti and assuming he does not run for office is simply this:  Baby Doc has 4.6 Million dollars (U.S. equivalent -- I know it's worth what it used to be when he got it, but nonetheless, bear with me here) in a Swiss Bank Account.   Under the new rules, a person has to prove that he won't be charged when there are accusations against him in any country, before he can get that money.

So, Baby Doc Duvalier has until February the 1st to prove that and apply for his money.  That's about a week from now.  So, we'll need to watch this development carefully.  If he can stay long enough and not get charged, he can leave and get his money, poor man.  If he gets charged, he loses his money.  Simple.

HERE'S the rub.  What if he is making a deal with local officials not to be charged in exchange for some of the money he will then get access to?  Is this a possibility?  I don't know; you tell me.   What country did we say this was in?   I'm sure more to come.

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