Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The 20 Key Points of B.O.'s SOTU Address (full text if you want it)

Okay at the end of this blog, you'll find the link to the text of B.O.'s speech last night, the State of the Union Address (as posted by the NYTimes).  It's long.   So, here for your hurried attention are the key points as I see them:

1.  America needs to support and encourage more research and science progress. (innovation)
2.  America will pursue more renewal energy. (clean energy breakthroughs of all sorts)
3.  Improved education; more teachers; more college tuition tax credits. ($10,000 for 4 years of college)
4.  Keep foreign students, even those who have parents that are undocumented workers, here after they graduate, don't deport them.  (read the Dream Act again)
5.  Will tackle together the need for Illegal immigration again.
6.  More jobs via projects to fix crumbling roads and bridges.
7.  In 25 years, 80% of Americans to have access to high-speed rail systems.
8.  In 5, years, 98% of Americans to have access to high-speed internet so they can do their jobs for the communities and to protect Americans better.
9.  Work to eliminate tax loopholes to level the playing field for all.
10. Double our exports by 2014, and Congress needs to approve deal with South Korea.
11. Willing to work to improve the healthcare bill, but won't eliminate its key features.
12. Freeze on national domestic spending for five years (that's three years into either his second term or an opponent's first term, leaving one year to do what is necessary after that)
13. He proposed cuts to community action programs and defense, and cost of health care (by looking to reign in malpractice lawsuit practices)
14. Strengthen social security for future generations
15. Eliminate temporary tax deductions for top 2% of America's rich, and generally simplify the tax code.
16. Restructuring of government departments to simplify and reduce duplication and costs.
17. He will veto all bills with any earmarks in them (money directed to particular states, etc.)
18. A lasting partnership with the Iraqi people while America troops pull out (good luck on this one)
19. Consider Afghanistan going well as is the fight against terrorism worldwide (what am I missing here)(clearly his weakest suit is foreign policy; Hilary was right)
20. Embracing of all peoples and backgrounds.

Now you have it all in those 20 Key points.  But you can read the whole speech in the link below.  It will be interesting to see what percentage of the points he can actually achieve.  I wish him all the best, but I fear that while he's focusing domestically, which I understand he must, the world will be changing globally -- and it won't be for the better.

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