Saturday, November 24, 2018

Sometimes It Really Is A Conspiracy

Johnson Did It: LBJ’s Role in the JFK Assassination

Author: Alex P. Serritella
Publisher:Bookstand Publishing, Morgan Hill, CA, 2018

I must admit I jumped at the opportunity to review this book. I felt it should have been my book for based on my interaction with Texan businesspeople who knew some of the players the author talks about, there was no question in their mind, Johnson Did Itindeed. And thus, it became my belief. This book was going to tell why and how, and much more. And it delivered.
The first thing a reader has to do, however, is to realize that sometimes if it smells like a conspiracy theory, chances are it is.
Serritella’s book goes to great length to prove that in this case, when all is put in perspective, a sane, honest and non-fearing person, will come to the conclusion that the real story of John F. Kennedy’s death was kept from the public at any cost – even the murder of so many others.
We don’t know much about the author save and except he was in Chicago, has a B.A. in Psychology, has studied the JFK assassination for over 15 years and has written another book about abuse and regret in the sex-change industry. And oh yes, he is a meticulous researcher of details and information, both of which he puts to great use in this book.
His introductory chapter prepares you for what you are about to read and why it matters. And then he jumps right into telling you why anybody would want JFK dead and who they were.  The list is long but for the most part, they are all connected. On page 14 he relates Robert Kennedy’s perspective of Teamsters. Well worth the read. It reminded me of Government today in America.
He takes the time to educate us on how the CIA works. With reference to the 1954 coup in Guatemala, he explains how the U.S. tried to justify it by seeking evidence of Soviet influence in the Guatemalan government, but to no avail.  Sound familiar these days?
John Kennedy was anti-mafia, anti-war, anti-oil depletion allowance, anti-Federal Reserve System (FRS), and anti-racism. Kennedy was also the first U.S. president to have a direct phone line to the Kremlin in Moscow because he didn’t trust the CIA. These alone gave him all the enemies he could afford. But could any of them pull off his murder and cover up the evidence? No. That took a ‘higher power’.
[By the way, the FRS is not federal. It’s privately owned by member banks. It makes its own policies and is not subject to oversight by the U.S.  Think about that when you hear they’re putting rates up or down.]
Chapter three introduces us to Lyndon Baines Johnson. It appropriately is called “Scandals, Murders, Etc.” If you read nothing else in this 525-page work, read this chapter.  That is, if your stomach can handle it.  Reading it, made me want to lead a campaign to destroy or rename everything that has the LBJ name attached to it – and there are a lot of things that do.
What you’ll discover about J. Edgar Hoover is a bonus. But just as vial.
In chapter four, Serritella goes to great lengths to explain the planning and scheming behind that motorcade ride, the change of route at the last moment, and the lack of security involved. The interplay of the various security agencies involved is a story in itself. Coincidence has to be ruled out.
In chapter five, the author delves into the aftermath immediately following the assassination of the President and the players involved both publicly and behind the scenes. He recounts the murders that ensued to keep the truth hidden from the world.
Chapter six, by far the longest in the book goes into extreme detail about all the evidence, both with the wounds and weapons that were used or that the government claims were used.  This takes us to the various investigations and commissions that were authorized to address the concerns of the public. And we are provided with evidence of changed testimony to suit the desired outcomes of the Government.
Chapter seven is an account of Lee Harvey Oswald and why he was not the killer. That’s a fascinating story of how one man can be used by so many.
The eighth chapter sets up the cover-up that started after the deed was done and continues to this day. [Why has President Donald Trump blocked the release of JFK assassination files he had so quickly promised to release earlier?]  Personally, I realized that all these years I too had been duped by the Warren Commission Report which I had read (100’s of pages of it) as soon as it was published. And the chapter leaves no leaf unturned, exploring even why Robert Kennedy and others after him like Ted Kennedy remained silent with what they knew. I won’t give you any spoilers.
In his last chapter before the closing summary one, the author speculates on what exactly did happen. But as a reader, you have to decide whether what he has laid out for you in this masterpiece on the subject, is indeed the most likely scenario of what happened. If so, you have to come to grips with the fact that the American government institutions established to protect the free world, and more importantly the citizens of the United States, are indeed more corrupt than the corruption they pretend to fight.
Reading this book brought me to two major conclusions: First, what we hear on the news from all the networks and sources combined is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is actually going on and what our democratic governments are up to.  Second, if you get on the wrong side of these forces, there is no one but God that can save you. I’m afraid the best is not yet to come. Be vigilant. Your only source of salvation clearly does not lie in the White House.
Highly recommended for anyone who really cares.

n Ken B. Godevenos, President, Accord Resolutions Services Inc., Toronto, Ontario, November 24, 2018,

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