Wednesday, October 16, 2013

JIHAD VS. TERRORISM defined by Islamic Authorities.

Last night on our way home from spending an evening with my son and daughter-in-law, we somehow got into the discussion of the current American President and what I consider his obvious love for Muslims. I made a mistake. I probably, in hindsight, should have used the word "Islam" rather than Muslims. My bad.

It turns out some very good friends of theirs are peace-abiding, loving, Muslims who are not at all in favor of what Islamic Extremists are doing. I tried to explain that I do love and care about the individual person who happens to be a Muslim as much as I care for one who is not. That was not the issue. (They felt I was painting them all with a broad brush to say the least.)

The issue, at least as far as I was concerned, was what the Islam faith actually stands for. Me arguing that, if the Koran is followed accurately, Islam stands for the forcing of Islam on the whole world and the installing of Sharia Law globally. They were arguing that it does not and that there are other parts of the Koran (albeit written earlier in the life of Mohammed) that make it, in the words of both recent conservative and liberal American Presidents, a "religion of peace". Everyone, including Presidents, have the right to their own opinion. I was arguing that it is anything but in its purest sense since Islam scholars take the later writing of Mohammed to nullify any earlier writing where there is a contradiction.

My wise wife was able to bring a sense of closure to the discussion by re-crafting my words into something that was more palatable. She said, "What Dad is saying is that he believes there appears from circumstances we observe that Obama has an agenda to reduce America's power in a way that would facilitate the Islamic takeover of the world." Thank you darling.

This morning as I thought about the argument with my children, the article in the link below came to me on the Internet. It is a must read on the issue of "Jihad" vs. "Terrorism". I sent it to my son with these words:

"I did not go looking for this article. It came to me today because I was praying about how best to get the point I was trying to make across, at least to you. Please read it carefully throughout when you have time -- with a good drink (coffee will do just fine) in your hand. Don't get angry -- just read it. Especially the part at the end which addresses the very question of why moderate Muslims do not speak up.
Love, Dad.
p.s. is it possible that some of my concern (although you feel 'que sera sera' and I agree to a point spiritually speaking) -- but is it possible, that part of my concern has to do with my love for my children, their spouses, my grandchildren, those living and those still to come by God's will -- and what they may have to go through if we don't take a stand now?"

I share the article with you the reader and I hope you share it with others, especially your loved ones. And don't forget to comment on it.
p.s. And no one should get upset -- after all, the article is primarily a quote from Islam's own authorities.

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