Thursday, November 10, 2011

Israel Will Have To Go It Alone . . . or Will She?

I've read several articles lately on the Nuclear Arms issue involving Iran.  Let me cut to the chase for you.  Both Russia and the U.S. have warned Israel that attacking Iran would be a "very serious mistake" or that what would follow are "unpredictable consequences".  Just heard today that the U.K. are abstaining on the vote at the U.N. security council when it comes to the Palestinian membership and statehood issue.  Thanks Cameron, mighty British of you old chap.  And France is not a friend of Israel's given what their President recently was overheard calling Mr. Netanyahu.

By the way, if you missed it, Sarkozy called him a "liar".   So much for that international relationship.   Obama, in reply, implied Sarkozy should be thankful he doesn't have to deal with him -- Netanyahu -- as much as Obama does.   If it weren't for an upcoming presidential election to ensure his second term, I'm sure Obama would have gone as far as Sarkozy, if not further, in his criticism of Israel's leadership.  And it all makes sense from their point of view.  Israel is proving to be uncooperative in making Obama a hero.  But there's good reason for that.

While the world may see the pursuit of Middle East peace as still another war that needs to be settled, so life can go on; to Israel and to a certain extent, the Palestinians, it is much more.  But back to Iran.

The choices are simple:
1.  Do nothing.  Iran proceeds to acquire nuclear arms (capable of attacking Israel and elsewhere).
2.  Continue with sanctions as per current.  Iran proceeds to acquire nuclear arms.
3.  Increase sanctions but without Russia's cooperation as she has indicated she's not prepared to do so.  Iran proceeds to acquire nuclear arms.
4.  Israel attacks Iran's nuclear development sites by herself.  The Middle East becomes a war zone and then what happens is indeed unpredictable.  Iran proceeds to acquire nuclear arms (but it takes much  longer.)
5.  Israel and the United States and other Western countries get behind Israel and together they attack Iran and defeat its anti-Semitic government along with destroying its nuclear development sites.  Iran decides the pursuit of nuclear arms is not in its best interests.

Of course, the consequences and costs associated with any of these positions -- financially speaking, politically speaking, internationally-speaking, and most importantly in terms of human life and displacement and suffering, are indeed, colossal.

If you look at the five choices closely, you see they really break down into two groups:  The first three where there is no attack on Iran in an attempt to stop or greatly delay her progress to attain nuclear arms and the last two where a military effort is made to deter her progress and even stop it.

Clearly for many the risks of attacking are too high.  And I would agree.  However, the risks of not attacking are also great.  They may even be greater than the risks we had during the Cold War with Russia.  Why?  Because while Russians of the day had a desire to conquer us, they had a greater desire to survive themselves.  Radical Islamists have no such restraint.  It would be a bonus for them if they could die while pursuing jihad on the Americans and the Jews and the West.  Like Samson of the Bible they are prepared to go down with the destruction of the 'temple to a foreign god' in their desire to meet up with the virgins they've been promised.

To that add the fact that at least one leader in Iran (Ahmadinejad) is a wild card, to put it mildly, and you can see a potentially much greater risk if and when Iran does attain nuclear arms.  So what will we have then?  Well, to begin with start with radical fanaticism that wants to take over the world, coupled with a desire to erase an entire race (the Jewish one) from the face of the earth (not to mention Americans), add a crazy man, and a heavy dose of erroneous religious zeal, stir in the promise of the awaiting young virgins upon dying as a Muslim martyr, and top it off with the availability of nuclear weapons.   You were asking what do you have?   Well, as a minimum, you'll be a lot closer to Armageddon.  As a maximum, you'll have nothing --  because you won't exist.

Rethinking the situation, options 4 and 5 make some sense.  There's no political will or guts for option 5.  You're left with option 4 -- Israel goes it alone, again.   But I venture to say "she is not alone".  And as trite as it may sound, the fact remains that Jehovah- who has, for the people of the Book, always had all these names below, is STILL with them:
ELOHIM......Genesis 1:1, Psalm 19:1
meaning "God", a reference to God's power and might.
ADONAI......Malachi 1:6
meaning "Lord", a reference to the Lordship of God.
JEHOVAH--YAHWEH.....Genesis 2:4
a reference to God's divine salvation.
meaning "The Lord thy sanctifier"
JEHOVAH-ROHI......Psalm 23:1
meaning "The Lord my shepherd"
JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH.......Ezekiel 48:35
meaning "The Lord who is present"
JEHOVAH-RAPHA.........Exodus 15:26
meaning "The Lord our healer"
JEHOVAH-TSIDKENU......Jeremiah 23:6
meaning "The Lord our righteousness"
JEHOVAH-JIREH.........Genesis 22:13-14
meaning "The Lord will provide"
JEHOVAH-NISSI.........Exodus 17:15
meaning "The Lord our banner"
JEHOVAH-SHALOM........Judges 6:24
meaning "The Lord is peace"
JEHOVAH-SABBAOTH......Isaiah 6:1-3
meaning "The Lord of Hosts"
JEHOVAH-GMOLAH........Jeremiah 51:6
meaning "The God of Recompense"
EL-ELYON..............Genesis 14:17-20,Isaiah 14:13-14
meaning "The most high God
EL-ROI................Genesis 16:13
meaning "The strong one who sees"
EL-SHADDAI............Genesis 17:1,Psalm 91:1
meaning "The God of the mountains or God Almighty"
EL-OLAM...............Isaiah 40:28-31
meaning "The everlasting God".
Suffice it to say, He's watching this with great interest and amusement. After all, they are His Chosen People.

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