Thursday, April 07, 2011

What's Going On With Weekly U.S. Budget Stopgaps?

Here's the recap to date: B.O. has already approved two stopgap budgets. The one just passed in the House would be the third one presented to him if indeed the Senate agrees with and passes it. B.O. wants a budget that takes the country to the end of September, its fiscal year, not one a week at a time. As a result he and White House staff have said he will "veto" this one even if the Senate passes it.

If the Senate passes this, the troops and other crucial services keep getting paid. If the Senate turns this down, or B.O. vetoes it, they don't. It's that simple. But is it really.

First, the Republicans are counting on several in the Senate to put pressure on Harry Reid's Dem. side to pass it so key people will get paid. But B.O. and the top Dems. are really hoping they don't.

Here's their plan as I see it. "Well, people, we've passed two of these now to show good faith, and we can't keep doing this. So we've stuck our neck out hoping the American people will understand we can't spend all our time every week dealing just with the budget, and we've stopped this one. Yes, the government has been shut down, but hey, blame the Republicans." That's their plan.

But will people blame the Replublicans? Some will, but not the majority. They know the U.S. deficit is out of control and what B.O. is to put it further out and more in debt with no real plan to decrease the deficit and get out of debt. Just spend out way into oblivion. The majority are supporting the Republicans on this and that's why 15 Democrats in the House voted with the G.O.P.  whereas only 6 Republicans voted with the Dems.  (That's two and a half time the Dems. that switched on this one than the Republicans.  That should tell them something.)  The overall vote was 247 for, 181 against.  Now it's up to the Senate and B.O.

The Republican position is this:  "Which part of no more taxes and no increased debt don't you understand?   If you're not going to get serious and give us the cuts we need to deliver that to the people, than you can shut the government down if you want or let us do it -- either way we don't care; the people are with us and that's what we were elected to do.  You can blame us if you like.  And yes, we're giving you this opportunities of stopgap budgets to save your hide and to be able to pay the people that are critical to running and protecting this country.  We'll do it as long as we have to."

So there you have it folks.  I'm hoping more and more will understand that White House games should be saved for the White House lawn just like JFK used to play with his children.  They're not appropriate for the White House to play in the Congress.   B.O. this will backfire on you big time.

This link below takes you to some of the details.

Obama to veto Republican budget plan - World - CBC News

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