Monday, April 04, 2011

Epistoli Updates On Issues We're Following (approx. 6 p.m. EST on 11/4/4)

Jerusalem -- The Washington Post reported today that an Israeli panel expected to approve 942 new apartments in contested east Jerusalem.  While construction won't likely start for years, the move is significant as it comes at a time when there are only a few months left for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.  And there's a U.N. vote on declaring a Palestinian state looming as well.  Clearly, this move will upset the Palestinians even further.  Palestinians have said they will refuse to negotiate if Israel keeps building in areas Obama, the Palestinians and others to be illegal settlements by the Israelis -- namely the West Bank and east Jerusalem.  Get the details here.

Goldstone Report -- Israel seems to be resigned to the fact that the U.N. will not rescind the Goldstone Report which blamed Israel for certain actions during the 2008-09 war in Gaza, according to Haaretz.  This after the author of the report wrote a opinion-editorial saying he regrets blaming Israel for some things.   Get the details here. 

Cold or Allergy?  Here's a great article that will help you decide whether you or your child has an allergy or just a cold this spring and summer.  It also gives you some good leads in what you can do about it.   Get the details here as provided by Newswise.

Iran's New Film: "The Coming Is Near" --  has been recently released, is being shared with all Iran's military personnel, being translated for use throughout the Middle East, AND says that Jesus will return soon as a Deputy to the Twelfth Iman.  Joel Rosenberg lists the implications and what Christians need to do about it.  Get the details here.

Unilateral Palestinian State  -- the Jerusalem Post says the U.S. is firmly committed to a negotiation deal, not a declaration of Statehood by the U.N. and they would never let such a resolution pass.  Get the details here.

B.O.'s Approval Rating -- in the red again.  Take a look, he's at -0.8 (more disapprove than approve).  Get all the details here.

Remember "Travels With Charley" by John Steinbeck? -- I sure do,   I had to read it for something along with millions of others.  Well, somebody has gone to the trouble of checking good old John and Charley out using newspaper accounts, distances, dates, etc. and guess what -- it appears that none of it was true.  Lots of fabrication taking place even 50 years ago in the business.   Think of the kind of money Steinbeck would have made on talk shows.   Get all the details here.

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