Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Marketing of Evil -- Part VIII - The Truth About Abortion and Our Last Hope

Last in a series. I thought I knew a lot about abortion. I was mistaken. David Kupelian's chapter "Blood Confessions" on the topic in his book "The Marketing of Evil" made me mad. It also made me more committed than ever to play some role in addressing this modern day Holocaust. Here then are some of my notes/thoughts on reading that chapter as well as his concluding chapter entitled "Last, Best Hope". And by the way, I recommend you skip this synopsis -- just make sure you read the whole book!

Blood Confessions

* How did we ever get from "killing the unborn" to "choice"? Kupelian explains how the liberals and pro-abortionists get involved in "issue formulation".

* He quotes the original planners of the abortion movement of publicly lying about facts and publishing phony polls because they knew that would drive public opinion.

* He tells the story of one doctor who got fired when he started to question his involvement in abortions. That man went on to produce a film in 1985 entitled "The Silent Scream" which put the pro-life people on the offensive and the pro-abortion people on the defensive. In 1987, he produced another film called "The Eclipse of Reason" which was introduced by the late Charleston Heston. It showed exactly what happens in abortion at just 12 weeks from conception. It shows how piece by piece of the fetus is suctioned out and then re-assembled on a cold table to be sure they got it all. Contrary to popular opinion, the decision in the famous Roe vs. Wade case actually allows abortion anytime during the full nine-month term.

* As the title of the chapter suggests, person after person who no longer supports abortion but was intimately involved in thousands of them, confesses what was going on. He shares the lies they admitted telling to pregnant women. Lies like there is no pain involved for the mother or fetus; or that it is not a baby, but only a blood clot; or that there are no alternatives to an abortion.

* As I read this chapter I realized that being pro-choice is not being morally-neutral while being pro-life is just plain being moral.

* Kupelian shares what he learned and was told about concerning all the cash deals with no records so that there could be no lawsuits or any need for expensive insurance. And of course, that cuts down on any taxes to be paid. After all, the government doesn't really need "blood money". He shares how ultrasound was used to determine how far along the baby was because the further along it was, the more they could charge for the abortion.

* Mothers were not allowed to see/watch their ultrasound in case they heard the heartbeat and changed their mind.

* Finally, aborted baby after aborted baby was thrown down a garbage disposal shute. All of this evidence is documented.

* And then Kupelian makes this statement: "The question of how doctors could tear apart a virtually full-grown baby is painful, perplexing, mystifying." Amen. But he tries to explain as best he can (through the testimony of doctors) exactly how they come to do that starting when at medical school. It's frightening. Doctors actually talk about getting callous and some make statements like, "my God, that's a person!"

* He can only conclude that indeed while the Holocaust that Jews lived through was terrible and words cannot describe, today we are witnessing North America's Abortion Holocaust and we are being silent about it for the most part. Many who were for abortion and performed them in the past and have since become pro-life are madly trying to put the genie back in the bottle but it is very difficult. He has an excellent section on the relationship between hypnosis and abortion -- you'll want to check that out. He says many believe that being legal makes something moral. He shares the whole story of the "utter fraud of Planned Parenthood, the world's largest abortion provider, founded by the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who preached the inferiority of nonwhite races and had close ties to Hitler's director of genetic sterilization, Ernst Rudin." And finally, he shares the full story of Norma McCurvey, the real person who was the "Jane Roe" in the Roe vs. Wade case. She shares how that whole case was a fraud and how she was used by abortion rights attorneys in their quest to legalize the procedure. You'll want to read that for yourself. She is doing all she can to reverse the decision but much is falling on deaf ears.

Last, Best Hope

In his final chapter of the book, David Kupelian talks about the silence of the institutional church and the failure of some churches to deal with the homosexual issues they are confronted with and the other issues he has identified and addressed in his book. But he also talks about the evangelical churches and how they have embraced "abandonment theology" -- that is, the thinking that says "with the end so near, why fight?" (I must admit up to about a year or two ago I was like that, but no longer.) He explains how evangelicals have become the "invisible Christians" and the consequences of us being that.

Kupelian describes the results of our "Christian mimicry of a thoroughly unchristian popular culture" and he does that very well and in great detail. Finally he calls each of us to compare what we mean by a follower of Jesus Christ, by being born-again, by being a believer if you like, against what Jesus Himself or the Apostle Paul meant by those concepts. He concludes by suggesting that the last, best hope may well be for each of us to pursue a "love of truth". It's a fascinating and well-constructed conclusion.

I give the book five stars. Please give it your time -- for the sake of those that come after you. -- Ken Godevenos, Consultant to Corporations and Non-Profits.

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