Friday, February 06, 2009

Watch out as Obama revamps Faith-based office

The new American president is at it again. He keeps providing evidence that he just does not get it!

This time he wants to deal with the problems others have with faith-based initiatives by, I believe, ultimately removing any faith-based differences. In the media reports based of his recent National Prayer Breakfast announcement last Thursday, Obama indicated that his dream of eliminating our “differences” will not happen overnight.

Mr. President, in case you have not noticed, the very meaning of faith-based relies on differences between people of faith and no-faith, or ones with a certain faith versus another. All the historical leaders of major religions accepted that, but you seem to be having trouble with it.

There is believe that what’s really behind Obama’s comments and direction is the fact that many are objecting to some faith organizations helping those in need while receiving government grants are doing so by only hiring and utilizing those of like-faith. This, say the naysayers, is not right.

But legislator beware, this very direction may well eliminate the masses of volunteers who desire to happily work “within” their own faith-group, serving humanity. It is one thing to require charities to offer their services, especially those of a social nature, to all – as they should – but it is another thing to dictate to them ‘by whom’ they should do it. A state cannot rely on their help to do things more effectively and economically, even if it contributes to their operational costs, and demand things be done its way. Mr. Obama, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

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