Monday, February 04, 2008

My Job as a Leader in Ministry (I Thess. 5:14)

This morning I was struck by the following verse: "We exhort you [we request of you], brethren, warn [admonish] them that are unruly, comfort [encourage] the feebleminded [fainthearted], support [help] the weak, be patient toward all." I Thess. 5:14.

As I read that I wondered whether or not that would make a great verse for everyone in the ministry (including pastors, Ministry Centre Directors, missionaries, and all Christian leaders). Surely, if we are doing our job right this very day, having committed our time to the Lord -- there will be those that we can request things of; there will be those we need to admonish or warn; there will be those we will need to comfort; there will be those we need to help or support; and then we need to be patient with all that we come across -- in the ministry and outside of it. Boy, do we ever need to depend on Him today!

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