Tuesday, June 21, 2005

World's First Legal Humanist Wedding

CNN reported yesterday that an Edinburgh, Scotland couple has been granted permission to hold the first legal humanist wedding at the local zoo. A most fitting place, I would contend.

The Registrar General for Scotland agreed existing rules, which only allow local registrars or authorized religious representatives to carry out legal weddings, were discriminatory. The couple said neither were religious and they didn't want to be hypocritical by getting married in a church. Okay, so don't get married in a church. But no, the couple wanted "something more meaningful" than just a "legal, civil ceremony".

What's the thinking behind all this? Humanists believe that people can lead good, moral lives without the need for religion or superstition. Well, perhaps so -- if all you're counting is being "moral towards each other". But one synonym of the word 'moral' according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is one who is 'righteous' and that in turn is defined as being guiltless or blameless before God, as well as the world.

When it comes to marriage, no matter what major religion one adheres to, marriage is an act that involves God. A Humanist marriage without God is not a fully 'moral' act. So go ahead, Karen Watts and Martin Reijins, get married as you like, and best wishes. I sure wish I could have prayed for God's blessings on your married life, but then again you don't expect that, preferring to go it alone!

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