Friday, June 03, 2005

Remember the Cold War? It's starting again in Space!

Russia yesterday threatened to retaliate if any country puts weapons in space. Their defense minister also said Moscow won't negotiate controls over tactical nuclear arms with countries that deploy them abroad (as the U.S. has done in Europe). Russia claims it has always been against the "militarization of space". The U.S. is reviewing their plans for space and while they claim militarization is not in the cards, they stated that U.S. satellites must be protected against emerging threats. In 2002, China and Russia proposed a new ban on weapons, but the U.S. did not see the need for it, saying the 1967 Outer Space Treaty was still in place.

So, the sabres are rattling once again. It seems that leaders can't be leaders without being or appearing to be 'aggressive'. The two big players are still the same -- U.S. and Russia. China has now entered the picture as a third big player and North Korea is trying to squeeze into the act. Politics and war (cold or otherwise) make for strange bedfellows and as one looks at the big picture, one can easily become fearful of where the 'balance of power' really lies and how far the blanket of peace can really spread before it is torn into pieces.

Those of us living outside the boundaries of the big players watch helplessly as our own countries, by their own politics and actions, take sides. And the big players are watching. When the odds are fully in their favor, you can bet the risk of real war will escalate if not materialize. If you consider yourself a westerner, you may have noticed we're not winning this campaign these days. From a human perspective, peace can only be maintained as long as the balance of power is maintained. Shift it too far one way or another and the minute-hand of the doomsday clock gets a hairline's distance from its final resting place.

On the otherhand, maybe it's all about inner peace with one's Creator. And that, we have a great chance in achieving. I've found it not in religion, but in a relationship, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Check Him out!

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