Friday, June 17, 2005

Are Children Used As Human Sacrifices

I could not believe one of my paper's headlines today. I also warn against the possibility that this story may be as the article noted -- only allegations -- since the authors of the survey involved indicated they could not test whether they were true. The real issue is that we are even dealing with this kind of stuff in 2005, in the West!

The Toronto Star reported that Police in London have heard testimony suggesting African children are being smuggled into Britain for use as human sacrifices, according to the BBC yesterday, citing a leaked copy of a police study. What century are we in? What hemispere is England in?

According to the report, rituals and witchcraft were being practised in London churches popular with some members of African origin. Reportedly, the study found that children were being trafficked into Britain for human sacrifice, or for men with HIV who believed they would be cured by having sex with a youngster. Who's minding the blooming store?

Is this world dark or what? Where have we gone wrong in a nation like England, perhaps even in countries in North America, where this kind of thing could be alleged or true? What happened to our Judaic-Christian values, or even for those that aren't into Judaism or Christiantiy, just plain descent principles that respect human life, especially that of children? How could this happen under our very nose?

I think some of us have dropped the ball big-time. I think Christians, Jews, and others who adhere to such principles have, with respect to sharing their values, cloistered themselves sufficiently from their neighbors, have watered down their principles, and have forgotten their roots for the sake of making a living, minding their own business, pursuing careers and other forms of temporary success or pleasure. Many of us have an attitude that seems to be saying, "I'm okay Jack, who cares what others are doing?" Until, of course, what others are doing hits someone close to us, or even our home.

How often have we heard neighbors say, after a mass murderer or child molester has been caught say, "He stuck pretty much to himself; he was quiet; and we never talked much." Well, maybe if we had talked more, maybe, just maybe, he would not have had the need to do what he was doing, or maybe, just maybe, we would have gotten some hints as to what he was doing, and could have reported our concerns to the autorities.

It's time to get to know our neighbors. For their sakes and for ours. Whatever happened to the belief that John Donne had when he wrote "No man is an island, No man stands alone; Each man's joy is joy to me, Each man's grief is my own. We need one another, So I will defend Each man as my brother, Each man as my friend."

Were the children that this report is concerned about not worthy of our defense? I think they were.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Ken;

    I shudder with you about the extent to which the western world seems to be slipping back into demonic darkenss.

    You suggest as a possible antidote: "Well, maybe if we had talked more...". I believe I know you well enought to assume that you mean reaching out to others one-on-one, as Jesus did, with His "good news".

    I further assume you don't mean that we should rush out to form committees or parties and work hard to transfer society into the so-called Judeo-Christian one that, in Canada, we never have been. (At least this is Brian Stller's opinion in his book on this subject, "Has Canada Ever been a Christian Country?", I believe.)

    Nowhere in Scripture are we commanded to work at forcing people, who are outside the Kingdom, to behave like Jesus Followers.

    We are told principally to pray (2 Chronicles 7:14) and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-21)as a means of saving our countries (and ourselves) from sin's enchroaching degredation.

    In Christ,