Saturday, September 24, 2016

Examining Jesus’ Humanly Outrageous Statements

A Man Who Told Us The Truth
Author: Will Davis, Jr.
Published by: Sangre de Christo, Austin, Texas, 2016

Will Davis, Jr., an American Pastor takes all of Christ’s seemingly outrageous statements and dissects them one by one for the skeptics. All he asks in return is that we answer his questions on what he proposes. The book is about “ultimate summits” and “wrestles with questions of truth and spiritual realities”.
Davis tackles Christ’s “I am Truth” statement and the more objectionable one which claims “I am the only way to God the Father.” He cautions us that to do justice to the investigation of Jesus’ claim, we cannot in any way dilute them. We must examine them as He stated them, using no substitutes or making any excuses as to what He meant to say.
The author shows us time and again how many of Christ’s statements, not just those about Him and His Father (God), were countercultural, counter theological and counter to everything previously taught about God.
There is an interesting section in the book that deals with how often the reader’s experience with his/her own father (or lack thereof) plays out with respect to their perception of God, as a Father. He pulls no punches here.  Well worth reading the book just for that. Tied to that discourse is Davis’ take on how Jesus Himself may have gotten His own impression about His Father.
Other topics Jesus spoke about and thus ones the author addresses are His views with respect to evil and the devil, love, and heaven. Davis’ logic is most thought-provoking at times, such as when he wonders what’s left with respect to evil and its source, if Jesus were wrong about the devil? Who’s left to blame, he asks? And suggests that it may be “us”. Related to this area, Davis also connects Jesus’ being right or wrong to how well evolutionary theory handles the implications. He writes, “Evolution bets the farm on the material world being all there is.” And then he takes it much further.
Jesus talked a lot about “love” and the author tells us that Christ’s love was intended to be – lopsided. It cannot be ‘expected’ to be returned. He writes, “It is unconditional, unmerited, unearned and unmeasured love. It is unjustified love.” Davis says that’s what Jesus was talking about and that’s what He gave to His disciples and wanted them to give to others. That’s how they’re to be known as His.
Turning his attention to ‘heaven’, Davis gives some compelling arguments that not only are we incomplete without it, but that heaven itself is incomplete without us. His reasoning will surprise you but it does make sense. Here’s a clue. Ask yourself why Jesus wept over His dead friend Lazarus when He knew He was about to raise him from the dead just minutes later? And the answer Davis provides to that question has a significant impact on the very moment of our own deaths.
Interestingly, Davis says Jesus never claimed to be a religious leader nor intend to establish a religion. In fact, he shows us how Jesus hated religion. But Davis goes one step beyond what one normally hears from pastors; he actually deals at great length with the issue of “what about the millions that have died or are dying having never heard about Jesus?” You’ll need to read the book for his answer.  Suffice it to say that while I was surprised by it, I can also buy into it.
The book needs to be read, enjoyed, and appreciated from the perspective of someone searching for the Truth. Believers need to read it and then buy copies to give those they care about sharing the Truth with. Highly recommended.
* Ken B. Godevenos, President, Accord Resolutions Services Inc., Toronto, Ontario, September 24, 2016.

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