Sunday, November 20, 2011

Toronto School Board Has Lost Its Marbles and Bans Its Balls

I've had it with the Toronto School Board. They've lost all sense of reality and responsibility. They need to resign as a body. This year, they've had the controversy over the Muslim prayers (Muslims can pray in our schools, but not Christians). Then there is the issue of "form letter" type of report cards that say nothing really helpful to any parent for knowing exactly how well his/her child is doing in any subject. This year also, or was it last year, they removed all sorts of playgrounds just in case some child got hurt playing in it. (In case you missed it -- playgrounds are not for playing.) And now, the "piece de resistance" -- they want to ban balls -- you heard me right. These people are crazy.

And what exactly are they resisting -- ah, the truth is they are doing all they can to avoid being sued. Now, I'm close enough to the school system and what happens on a daily basis that I can tell you that such a fear is legitimate, to a great extent.

So, what to do? Well, for starters the provincial government (with the support of the feds) should do whatever it needs to in order to pass legislation that protects school boards from litigation against frivolous lawsuits against them such as would result from a kid who hurts himself while playing a game. How ridiculous.   This insanity has to be stopped but the Board can't do it all alone.

Anyway, here's the link for you to enjoy the entertaining rhetoric of Rex Murphy on the topic via video. He's good. And in the meantime, tell your child or grandchild that all he/she can do at recess or lunchtime is breath.

CBC News - The National - Rex Murphy - The Ball Ban

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