Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ethics and "Females vs. Perverts" Controversy

More ranting by yours truly as I find things in the news today that just irk me.  Like these next two stories.


The Palestinian "envoy" to Canada is going home.  Why you ask?  Because we (Canada, that is) caught her tweeting a link to a video which we felt was offensive to Jews.  The Palestinians agreed to recall Linda Sobeh Ali after our Foreign Affairs Minister gave her a "dressing down" according to the Toronto Star.

What was offensive about the video of a poem being recited?  Well, apparently the poem was calling people "to a war that (raze) the injustice and oppression and destroy(s) the Jews" -- or so said the English subtitles.

Good for Canada.  More countries should take more stands like this.  But the envoy herself? -- Well, she gave a most lame excuse while expressing regret about the video.  She said, according to CTV via the Toronto Star, that she had "not actually viewed the video before tweeting a link to it".  Now, that's stupid.  And because she should know better and be aware of her position and anything that would be considered offensive, it was also a matter of ethics.  Recall was the least we could hope for.  She's lucky.

Of course, why we even bother with a Palestinian envoy beats me, but hey, let's play nice.   Unlike the author of the next story who wants it all her way.  Take a read . . .

"Females vs. Perverts" Controversy

Columnist Heather Mallick is a little excited.  She's angry at the police.  If it was a video account, I'm sure some of us would see venom coming forth.   The story has to do with the fact that two girls claimed some pervert on the subway was trying to look up their short private-school skirts (or kilts).  In trying to protect the girls and maybe the school, the officer who investigated the matter tried to suggest that perhaps students may wish to change at school before venturing unto Toronto's subways to head home and vice-versa in the mornings.  The principal took the suggestion to heart and relayed the message to parents as a precautionary action.  And now Mallick has him in her sights as well.

Look, there is no excuse for perversion.  Absolutely none.  But here's the bottom line for me as a parent and now a grandparent.   I accept the fact that there are perverts out there.  I accept the fact that we can't afford a guard on every bus or subway car.  I accept the fact that those young girls look very seductive to the kind of guy like the one who was stalking Shania Twain lately.  In short, they would appear pretty attractive to all perverts and maybe some of us who aren't and know better.   (By the way, Mallick in her eagerness to use every word she was allowed in the column to go after the police and the perverts, neglected to tell us how old the girls were.)  Yes, I know they're students -- but they don't always act, dress, talk or look like just students.  Of course, Mallick's point is that none of that should matter.  Perverts should keep their hands to themselves.

And I agree with her on that last point -- that perverts should keep their hands and their thoughts to themselves.  But not on her previous point -- that none of that should matter.  Oh, yes, I promised you the bottom line for me.  Well, here it is:

I would rather ask my grand-daughter to change her clothes at school before coming home on the subway and have her alive and untouched, than, like Mallick, insist that police are wrong with their suggestions.  Or worse still, demand that all perverts "avoid attacking people in order not to be arrested" and have my grand-daughter attacked, molested, sexually assaulted, or even dead.  Her argument only shows that Mallick just does not understand our society; she leaves no room for the fact that every pervert can't be watched every minute; and she knows nothing about the psychology of a rapist and a pedophile.  I don't care what other part of her body she chooses to cover or not, but I would strongly recommend that she get a nice mask for her mouth.  The woman is so out of touch with what we call "balance".

If you really want to read her side of it, go ahead.  Here it is:

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