Saturday, July 30, 2011

Feature: Situation In Washington Is A Comedy of Lies & Errors. And Ten Things We Know For Sure.

Here we are two days before the so-called and now famous August 2, 2011 deadline at which time the United States of America is supposed to default and all the Ratings agencies will downgrade the country from its stellar AAA rating making life much more expensive and miserable for all of us around the world.

Let us stop and look at what we know for sure:

1.  The Democrats have not proposed a budget for 822 years, which includes the first two years of Obama's reign when they controlled both houses of congress, and had (with the help of independents in the Senate) the super-majority 60 votes there.  [Which by the way, they used to pass the additional expenditures bill now referred to as Obamacare.]  That many days without a budget is unheard of.  It is against the law in fact.  During that same period of time and up to today, Obama has not proposed a budget except one that he knew would not pass because it was ridiculous -- identifying only more expenditures.  It was so ridiculous that not a single member of his own party voted for in the Senate.  I repeat that is against the law.

2.  Today Rating agency Moody has said they won't downgrade the U.S. even if they don't get a deal by August 2 because the U.S. has enough to take care of its financial responsibilities for the Treasury.  We are being sold a bill of goods, nay, lies by the Democrats.

3.  Thirdly, the argument of whether there should be a simple-majority or a super-majority vote in the Senate is ridiculous.  The Senate is the safety-valve, the check and balance of crazy ideas in the House and the tradition for budget or money bills has always been a super-majority for such -- that is 60 votes required for passage.  Even the Congressional Research Service, a government agency, so specifies in its official document.  The Democrats are asking for a simple-majority vote because they cannot pass the bill without it.  But read on.

4.  We have spent too much time on the Boehner bill in the House when the Senate told us it would kill it -- which it subsequently did.   We are now spending too much time in the Senate on the Reid bill when the House has already killed it.  Neither of these bills will win the day.

5.  The GOP is protecting the country from giving Obama a blank check for the next 18 months until his next election.  If Obama thinks he will lose in 2012, he will spend like crazy to support his failing  programs.  If he thinks he'll win, he will hold off and get control of the House again to pass more government programs and thus more spending and thus more taxes.

6.  We also now that people who are paying taxes are for the most part demanding that the country spends less.  They want the budget balanced.  They may not all agree on how best to do that or by when.  What the GOP wants is a guarantee that the budget will be balanced by a certain date -- seven years, eight years, ten years.  The Democrats refuse to put that in their bill so they could pass it.

7.  We also know that as a Senator, Obama was adamant and voted against lifting debt ceilings.  Now he wants it lifted without a limit and he wants a blank check.

8.  We also know that 90% of the existing debt was incurred by Democrat presidents and only 10% by Republican ones.  We also know that the debt is skyrocketing exponentially under Obama, more so than any other President.

9.  The president's average job approval ratings by America's several top pollsters show him to be totally loosing the support of the American people as to the job he is doing.  In fact, it's terrible and in free-fall.

10.  The last thing we know is this:  the President is frustrated and lately he is hiding; certainly his VP and Secretary of State are both in hiding or have been hidden by him on this.  The President has no plan except to create a crisis, scare everybody, and then act unilaterally if allowed, all while adamantly claiming through his teeth "I'll never do that."  We also know that Reid and Pelosi are frustrated and thwarted -- why else would they make statements like what Peolosi said today: "Boehner has joined the 'dark' side."   That's ridiculous and childish.

In conclusion, we have a mess.  The President will be required to act unilaterally and then blame both parties, but particularly the GOP.  If it comes to that, he will pay the price in November 2012.  The world is laughing at America.  But it has been laughing since November 2008 when Obama won the election.  They knew he was in way beyond his head.  The two and almost three years that have followed prove that in spades.  I am not alone in saying that.  Take a look at what the major news media centers of the world are saying about his disastrous presidency.  Take a look at his ratings.  Take a look at his lack of leadership.

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