Saturday, March 05, 2011

Obama the Dreamer still in La-la Land

This man just does not get it at all. Yesterday he goes in front of Jewish donors in Miami and tells them not to worry -- the forces 'emerging' in Egypt will 'naturally' align with Israel. And he's confident that many years from now (ten is the number he chose), we'll all see this as the beginning of a new, better era. Is this man on drugs? Unless of course, he is talking about the Kingdom of Christ (which I am confident, he is not).   That, according to his calculations, either gives Jews ten years to gain true peace and live happily side by side with all Muslims and the Palestinians, or it gives Israel's enemies ten years to eliminate the Jews.  Maybe that's what he means by a new, better era.

Here he is trying to tell Jewish donors of all people not to worry.  (That's stupid in itself.  Usually, one tries to identify with the needs of those that he/she wants support from.  One tends to listen to them and empathize with them.  But not B.O., he as much as laughs and tells them to cool it -- everything will be all right.)   He tells them that groups like the Muslim Brotherhood (since they are quite emerging, thank you, in Egypt) will "naturally align themselves with Israel".   Does this man want to lose any credibility he has left?  Does he think that Jews in America are as naive as that, or as naive as he is?   Now that will be the day when the Muslim Brotherhood aligns with the interests of Israel and the Jews themselves.  Of course, that's why they were banned all these years in Egypt -- not!  And there's no Muslim Brotherhood in Iran -- not! (although admittedly it claims not to be part of the International one.)

During that meeting B.O. told them that earlier in the week at the White House, he had told other Jewish leaders that "we have to be sober, we can't be naive about the changes that are taking place."   Give me a break.   Sober?  Sober about what?  About the fact that radical Islamists are making incredible inroads around the world, including the U.S.,  and they're part and parcel of the same group that wants to eliminate Israel and Jews off the face of the earth?   B.O., did you want Jews to be sober about that?

And while we're at it, B.O., who exactly is being "naive" here?  For months, the B.O. administration ignored what was going on and told everyone that the Muslim Brotherhood was not to be feared and now, in the last week, it comes to light that they're seriously studying how to contain these emerging entities all over the Middle East.   Let's face it, B.O., the Jews are not the naive ones here, nor is it the radical Islamists.  That only leaves you.

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Obama: Israel shouldn't be afraid of changes in Mideast

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