Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Islam vs. Christianity: My Wife Takes It To The Next Level

Recently I wrote a blog called: Christianity vs. Islam: I'm Looking for Some Logic; Failing That, I'll Just Settle for Some Answers.

In it, I pointed out some basics:

1. Christianity and Islam are both very exclusive.  Christianity claims that Jesus is "The Way" and Islam claims that their religion is the only true one.
2. Christianity and Islam are both monotheistic.  No other 'gods' but the One and Only True God for Christians and only Allah for Muslims.
3. Christianity and Islam both condemn homosexual behavior.

I went on to say that given the above Christians should be treated as fairly and accepted as openly as Muslims by the western world, yet we are not.

From there, I pointed out that in reality the Christian response to the above similarities with Islam is very different than that of the Muslims.  For example, while Christians believe in "The Way', they are not out to kill or eliminate everyone who does not.  In fact, we'd like them to live as long as possible so they have every opportunity to volunteering come to the knowledge of Christ as their Savior.  Muslims on the other hand have for centuries been forcing people to either convert to Islam or never leave it on penalty of death.   They also want to eliminate other people -- Jews to be exact.  Their Qur'an tells them to kill all the infidels that don't convert to Islam, and so on.

I indicated that while Christians do not condone homosexual behavior, they want to show they care for and love the homosexual him- or her-self, although admittedly we don't always do a good job at it.  Muslims on the other hand in many countries still stone or persecute homosexuals.

So, on those further notes, one would think that the western world would prefer Christianity to Islam.  At least the former has no plans to eliminate any group from the face of the earth.  You would think.  But lo and behold that is not the case.  Christianity is being put down at every opportunity and Christians are being ridiculed and psychologically oppressed whenever possible.  I asked why that was fair or logical?   I got no responses.  That tells me a lot.  And yes, my data package tells me people read my blog.

I had suggested that the real reason we are despised more than Muslims in North America by so many today is that our faith is based on the "pure grace" of God -- it is a gift.  We cannot earn it.  We're not in charge.  We need Him.  We become dependent, not independent.  Today's modern self-made man and woman does not like that.  And so on.   This morning my wife took it one step further after reading my blog yesterday.

She said the "bottom line is, as I understand it, that Islam allows you to earn your salvation and lot in heaven through merit points.  You can actually do things for it.  In Christianity you can do nothing to earn salvation except admit that you are a sinner in need of a Savior."   All the good a Christian does after being saved is part of his devotion and commitment to His Lord.  Unlike the young Muslim, it doesn't get him more virgins in heaven.  She said, "today's man does not like this model."  I agree, it does not fit in with our typical models of success as portrayed by Hollywood and Wall Street and the American Dream -- "be all you want to be; do it your way; reach for the top."  No, Christianity turns the tables upside down when it comes to what it takes to receive eternal life.

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