Sunday, February 27, 2011

As Rebels Get Close to Tripoli, Are They Moving Towards Disaster?

There is no doubt that Gadhafi's days are limited. More and more of the world seems to be against him. The only trouble is that he has sworn he will fight to his last drop of blood -- and even the blood of his military units (about 6,000) and that means the blood of some or many of the protesters. Gadhafi has also said he will turn Libya into a field of fires. Not sure what that may mean, though. Will he set fire to his oil fields?

All this remains to be seen in the next few days, or more likely hours. We are witnessing major changes in the balance of the world these past few weeks. It is difficult to stay on top of all the news -- the protests for freedom; the calls for Islamic rule; the struggles with economies all over; and the messes that many governments are in financially, socially, and morally -- it is hard to be aware of all this and not wonder what is going on in God's Economy and mind.

Interestingly enough, our guest speaker at church today, Dr. Jonathan Griffiths from the U.K. gave us some wonderful teaching from the 45th Psalm. I'm convinced God is continuing to call His Bride (members of His Church, His Body) to a wedding feast and celebrating with them in a way that will make any royal wedding here on earth pale terribly in comparison. And all this upheaval in the world today is just a lead-in to the setting up of His eternal Kingdom.

In the meantime, take a look at what is going on right now in Libya and be ready for the fall of Gadhafi. But we'd also do well to be thinking about the fact that one day, our own end or rule on earth (like Saddam Hussein's, like Mubarak's, like Gadhafi's now, and so on) will come and we'll have to deal with God at our own judgment. Those that are committed to Him, will be judged positively to an eternal life reigning with Him.  Something else to think about.

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Libya rebels seize key city - World - CBC News

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