Friday, February 25, 2011

American Jews Not Happy About Potential San Francisco Ballot Issue -- Circumcision

Now the do-gooders in San Francisco are out to "save" more children. This time they take on "circumcision" and want it banned. But it will first have to get on the ballot. Chances are it may make it there. But then what? We keep you informed.

Sure this blog with others that may be interested.

San Francisco circumcision ban headed for November ballot | Joshua Sabatini | Local | San Francisco Examiner

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous26/2/11 19:33

    Circumcision is abhorrent sexual torture, and its sole purpose is to decrease sexual sensation. People who endorse the surgery for their baby boys (and the doctors that do the cutting) never admit to the real reason.

    I've never been able to understand how parents can agree to do it.

    The babies scream when it is done. That is because it is horrifying and painful, and we keep doing it generation after generation because of sexual taboo. Purely optional, with deadening of the member the only result!

    Come on folks, let`s not kid ourselves anymore. This ancient and barbaric custom is dying out, even amongst Jews. It`s a practice only fit for the Arabs and the Aussie Abos, plus some warlike African tribes. Nobody else is cutting chunks of healthy living flesh from their newborns. It`s simply RETARDED behavior and would be outlawed if only the Jews, who guide the hand of western Law, would stop it.

    But you do have to wonder about the sanity of the people who came up with this practice and what they were thinking. It must have been something like:

    "What do we do as an initiation ritual for prospective fellow-tribesmen?" "I know, let`s slice of a piece of penis."

    And all of the elders of the tribe shook their heads in agreement. And for good measure they threw this into the bible and, to intimidate people into compliance, they said that it was the 'word of God'

    Jeez, comedy writers could not come up with crazier stuff!

    Finally, why would a loving and intelligent creator design you with something he wanted sawn off immediately? Wouldn't he just omit it in the first place?

    I depair sometimes...